How To Bring Cargo From China

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How To Bring Cargo From China
How To Bring Cargo From China

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In Russia, trade with China is growing from year to year. The attractive ratio of the cost price and quality of goods from the Middle Kingdom is forcing more and more Russian traders to conclude supply contracts with Chinese manufacturers. But if it is possible to buy the goods without difficulty, then difficulties may arise with its export.

How to bring cargo from China
How to bring cargo from China

It is necessary

  • - certificate of registration of a legal entity (an enterprise with the right to conduct foreign trade);
  • - accompanying documents for the goods: certificates of conformity (if required), an agreement with the manufacturer.


Step 1

Determine the exact weight of the cargo that you plan to export to Russia. The method and nature of transportation will depend on its value. Cargoes up to 25 kg can be transported without customs duties if they are different goods. That is, 25 kg of the same type of items at customs can be regarded as a small wholesale cargo for which you need to pay tax. All goods with a total weight of more than 25 kg are considered commercial and are taxed. Small cargo can be transported across the border on your own, as personal luggage. For commercial cargo, there are three modes of transport: sea transport, freight train and air transport.

Step 2

Choose the best delivery method depending on your destination. As a rule, on the territory of Russia, sea shipments go to the port of Kaliningrad, so this method is beneficial for residents of the western part of the state. Entrepreneurs in central Russia and the Far East use rail transportation most often. Air freight is convenient for urgent deliveries.

Step 3

Choose a dealer in China or contact someone you already work with. As a rule, full-cycle dealer companies provide assistance in the selection of goods, shipping and solving the customs issue. In this case, after purchasing the goods, the dealer must calculate the cost of duty, customs VAT, certification and company services. After that, you only need to pay the bill and wait for the receipt of the goods. Those entrepreneurs who prefer to buy goods without going to China resort to the services of dealers. For self-registration of transportation, proceed to the next step.

Step 4

Contact a shipping company in China and sign a commercial shipping agreement. All documents are drawn up in Chinese, so if you do not know this language perfectly, you need the services of an interpreter. To conduct customs control on the territory of the Russian Federation, a certificate of registration of a legal entity with a valid right to conduct foreign trade is required. Otherwise, the services of companies engaged in export-import operations will be required, which can take full control of the conduct of goods or perform only part of the work.

Step 5

Pay the cost of customs VAT and duties, the amount of which will depend on the weight of the cargo. After that, the goods will go to their destination along the selected route.

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