How To Understand The Meaning Of The Phrase "Truth In Wine"

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How To Understand The Meaning Of The Phrase "Truth In Wine"
How To Understand The Meaning Of The Phrase "Truth In Wine"

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The well-known phrase "Truth is in wine!" or, in Latin, "In vino veritas" is used quite often, and it is not entirely clear what is meant. One thing is clear: the expression has to do with the use of alcoholic beverages, however, the context of its use can be both approving and condemning, depending on the goals of the speaker.

How to understand the meaning of the phrase
How to understand the meaning of the phrase

What truth can be contained in intoxicated drinks, recognized as harmful to both physical and mental health of a person? You can ponder to understand the true meaning of this phrase.

The phrase "In vino veritas" was first used by the ancient Roman scientist Pliny the Elder (24-79 AD) in his work "Natural History".

Tell the truth and only the truth

If you turn to the storehouse of Russian folk wisdom - proverbs and sayings about drunkenness, you can easily recall the saying "What's on the mind of a sober, then a drunk on the tongue." This means that you can get the truth from a person, find out his true intentions, understand what he really thinks about life in general and about the interlocutor in particular, if you get him drunk. And this trick works! And it doesn't matter that in the morning a sober-up repentantly mumbles an apology, they say, he blurted out drunk - the truth has already surfaced, and the excuses are useless.

The fact is that under the influence of alcohol, a person no longer controls himself very well, and doubts, fears and complexes hidden in the subconscious come out, asking for “on the tongue”. One psychotherapist, before starting treatment sessions, gathered potential patients and arranged a large banquet with an abundance of alcohol. By the way, the therapist himself took part, drinking wine on an equal basis with everyone else. The main condition was - not to limit yourself in the amount of drunk. The trick is that everything that happens was filmed with a hidden camera. Then, on a sober head, the specialist looked through the record and decided how it was necessary to build work with each of the clients. He explained such a strange method simply. Say, in order to "pull out" the client's problems, it is necessary to conduct more than one session, this is a complex process that can end in failure. And if a person drank, all his problems manifest themselves, and there is no need for preliminary sessions.

True talent

It is also known that many talented creative people "helped" to liberate their talent, "warming up" inspiration with alcohol. And again, sometimes in this state they managed to create true masterpieces. The fact is that, liberating itself under the influence of alcohol, the subconscious mind begins to express itself more freely. The voice of the conscious person no longer sounds so loud. There are no frameworks, conventions, you can look at the world from a new angle, find a fresh, original idea and develop it without looking at patterns and rules.

Only now such geniuses ended up, as a rule, poorly. Alcohol, like any doping, has a significant drawback: by stimulating the imagination at first, it becomes addictive over time, an increase in alcohol doses is required. Meanwhile, brain cells die, the psyche is irretrievably destroyed.

Truth drowned in wine

Few people know that sometimes a well-known expression is completely pronounced "the truth in wine has drowned more than once."

In Latin, this phrase sounds "In vino veritas multum mirgitum".

And we can only sadly agree with this. Accidental glimpses of inspiration, truthful confessions and other "pluses" of alcoholic intoxication - all this does not make up for the harm that drunkenness brings. And conversations "about high" as the amount drunk increases, they are replaced by incoherent drunken muttering, and true feelings are forgotten for the sake of addiction to the "green snake". So it’s not worth looking for the truth in wine.

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