What Is The Madonna Service Famous For?

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What Is The Madonna Service Famous For?
What Is The Madonna Service Famous For?
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The Madonna service was very popular among housewives who lived in the USSR. A huge number of women dreamed of buying this tableware, but it was not so easy to buy it.

What the service is famous for
What the service is famous for

The popularity of the Madonna service

Table service "Madonna" is a set of high quality porcelain tableware. For the first time in Russia, or rather in the former USSR, they learned about its existence in the post-war period. The dishes were made in Germany. The first Madonna services appeared in the homes of Russian officers at the time when Soviet troops entered Germany. The military immediately appreciated the quality of the porcelain tableware produced in local factories.

In the post-war period, the production of porcelain sets began to be restored on the territory of the GDR. It was from this country that they were brought into the territory of the USSR. In those days, German dishes were in short supply. Not all families could buy it.

Against the background of all the porcelain tableware imported from the GDR, it was the Madonna service that stood out. Its extraordinary beauty has become a symbol of luxury and belonging to a particular social class. The wives of Soviet generals introduced fashion to the Madonna service. Later, all housewives of that time dreamed of buying such dishes. For many years it was possible to buy "Madonna" only abroad.

The famous tableware set was distinguished by its rich painting, an abundance of gilding, as well as the image of half-naked beauties. At that time, this dish was a kind of symbol of a rich and luxurious life. Happy owners of "Madonna" put the service on the table only on holidays.

The real decoration of the service is its tureen. In Soviet times, it was customary to put it on the table on special occasions.

Modern service "Madonna"

Currently, the Madonna service is no longer so popular. Perhaps this is due to the beginning of its mass production. After analyzing what kind of dishes are in high demand, the management of German factories decided to increase the production of the service.

For many years, Madonna has been released not only in Germany, but also in Poland, the Czech Republic and other countries. Unfortunately, these sets do not have the same quality that was inherent in them before. That is why collectors and simply connoisseurs of good dishes are trying to purchase exactly those sets that were released in the GDR in the 50s of the last century.

In many Russian houses it is still customary to put the Madonna service on the table only on special holidays. This dish is a kind of symbol of the post-war years.

The cost of sets of Polish and Czech production is much lower than the cost of the tableware that was produced in the GDR.

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