What Is Diploid Plum

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What Is Diploid Plum
What Is Diploid Plum

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Plum is a popular and delicious fruit that you can easily grow in your own garden or vegetable garden. At the same time, experts in the field of modern agricultural technologies have created many varieties of this fruit, some of which are diploid.

What is diploid plum
What is diploid plum

Plum is one of the most sought after fruits in the world. The annual volume of its production by farmers from different countries is more than 4 million tons: this significantly exceeds the production volumes of other popular berries and fruits.

Plum varieties

In total, today there are more than 2 thousand varieties of plums in the world. At the same time, it is natural that different varieties are the most popular in different regions. This is due to the fact that climatic conditions, soil type and other factors typical for different regions of the world have a significant impact on the process of growing plums. Therefore, this or that variety can be highly productive in one region, but give poor results in another.

For example, in regions with fewer sunny days and lower average annual temperatures, gardeners tend to prefer super-early and early varieties of plums. The use of such varieties in the cultivation of this fruit allows you to achieve a good harvest under conditions of a limited amount of heat and light, which the fruit receives during its ripening.

Diploid plum

In addition, the genetic structure of the variety used for breeding has a significant impact on the performance of a particular planting. In recent years, the so-called diploid plum has become widespread among farmers of various regions both in Russia and in the world. It is customary to include varieties with a modified gene structure in this category, that is, with a set of chromosomes corrected in comparison with the original variety.

The term "diploid" comes from the Greek root, which means the presence of a double set of chromosomes in the fruit of such a plum. With this procedure of doubling in the process of breeding this variety, geneticists underwent those chromosomes that are responsible for the most valuable characteristics of the variety, for example, yield, fertility, endurance and others.

Thanks to this, diploid varieties of plums were able to grow and actively bear fruit even in those regions that were traditionally considered unsuitable for growing this type of fruit. And in those territories where plums have been grown for a long time, diploid varieties demonstrate a higher fruit yield, which has pronounced taste characteristics that distinguish them favorably from fruits with a single set of chromosomes.

As a result, diploid plum varieties have become so widespread that today mainly diploid plum varieties are used in industrial breeding and amateur gardening. For example, such popular varieties as "Pyramidalnaya", "Malyutka" and "Primorskaya" belong to them.

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