How To Divide A Kombucha

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How To Divide A Kombucha
How To Divide A Kombucha

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Kombucha is a strange-looking organism that is familiar to many. More recently (just a couple of decades ago) it was used very widely for preventive purposes and simply to get a delicious homemade drink. Dividing a kombucha is the main way of breeding, reproducing, and sometimes treating it.

How to divide a kombucha
How to divide a kombucha


Step 1

First, decide if you need to divide your kombucha right now. If your pet is still very young and has a small thickness, then it is unlikely that you will be able to separate it without injury. After such an operation, the kombucha will not immediately begin to perform its functions in full.

Step 2

With good care and favorable conditions, Kombucha grows quite quickly. Over time, you will notice that your rather fat pet begins to flake slightly around the edges. Never pinch or cut the mushroom. Carefully, being careful not to injure, divide it into horizontal plates in places of delamination. Place each layer in a separate jar and fill with nutrient solution. You get several full-fledged adult copies of Kombucha at once. True, the time it takes to get the drink will slightly increase at first. The mass of each specimen obtained as a result of division is much less than the mass of the parent fungus; it will take more time to process the nutrient solution. However, this is not for long.

Step 3

Kombucha owners can sometimes see that their pet, for some unknown reason, has sunk to the bottom and does not float. After a while, a thin, transparent film separates from its surface. This is a new kombucha. Transfer it carefully to a separate container. Soon enough, this thin film will turn into a full-fledged kombucha. This method of reproduction with good reason can be called division, only it occurs without outside interference.

Step 4

Careless maintenance can damage the surface of the kombucha. If you notice brown spots or a brown film on your pet's body, it means that he is sick and needs urgent help. Try to separate the upper damaged layer as carefully as possible, since (if the damage is significant) oxygen supply to the body of the fungus is difficult, and it may die. In this case, division has nothing to do with breeding and reproduction. The upper damaged layer is not viable, and its removal is aimed at treating the kombucha itself.

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