All About Aerated Concrete

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All About Aerated Concrete
All About Aerated Concrete

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The ever-increasing popularity of such a material as aerated concrete leads to a steady increase in the number of housing objects built from it.

Aerated concrete blocks
Aerated concrete blocks

Gas silicate products are produced almost everywhere, confidently and purposefully replacing traditional materials. The very first copies of this material were able to get a whole century ago, but it was able to gain popularity only in the last few years. Such an explosive excitement for the production of aerated concrete is due to its parameters, as well as changes associated with increased requirements for high energy efficiency of residential buildings. In addition, such material, due to its structural features, makes it possible to erect any structure in the shortest time period.

Aerated concrete components

The main components of this modern material are quartz sand with lime. Therefore, one cannot question the statement that aerated concrete is an ecological material. In the production of this material, exclusively pure natural ingredients are used.

Among them, in addition to quartz sand with lime, there is also cement with water. A little aluminum powder is added to the water, which is needed as a catalyst for the resulting bubbles of the gas mixture.

In the process of preparation, after hardening, the resulting mixture is cut into the required block sizes, which harden due to the influence of steam in autoclaves. This unique technology gives the blocks a significant set of quality characteristics that are not similar to other materials. Then, after the necessary heat treatment, carried out under increased pressure, an excellent building material is born that can be perfectly processed with a cutting tool. It is incredibly durable, strong, completely non-flammable.

Ideal material parameters

Aerated concrete is preferred by builders for the ideal proportion of strength, weight and easy handling. The material is suitable for laying any wall, even a load-bearing one. Aerated concrete blocks are now used in all construction areas.

This modern material is applicable, in addition to making partitions, for soundproofing floors, as well as flat roofs. A variety of product range, widely varying in density and size, allows you to build cozy, and not at all expensive, houses.

Therefore, aerated concrete has become an excellent alternative to the materials that have long been familiar to all, among which brick previously held the palm.

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