The Most Famous Award In The World

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The Most Famous Award In The World
The Most Famous Award In The World

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Any award is proof that its owner is a recognized specialist in his field of activity and has special services to society. Each country has its own award symbols, which are awarded to those who, with their lives and professional activities, have made a special contribution to science, art and culture. But there are special awards that are most widely known throughout the world.

Oscar statuette
Oscar statuette

Oscar: the most prestigious award in the field of motion pictures

Large box office receipts are one of the signs that the filmmakers are a success. But an equally important reward for directors and actors is widespread public recognition. One of the most famous awards in the world is precisely related to cinematography. This is the prestigious Oscar.

Oscar is perhaps the most honorable award in the film industry, for which there is widespread recognition from the audience and experts. It is also called an Academy Award. This award has been presented since 1929.

Today, Oscars are awarded in many nominations, of which the most prestigious are Best Film of the Year, Best Director's Work, Best Actress and Best Actor.

If a film is nominated for an Oscar, it indicates that it has received high praise from professionals. For any film, such an award becomes the best advertisement. As soon as a film gets at least one Oscar, the box office starts to skyrocket. Anyone who had a chance to pick up the famous gilded statuette becomes a star of cinema and forever enters its history.

The ceremony, during which the winners are announced and awarded, is broadcast live every year. Spectators on all continents, in more than two hundred countries of the world have the opportunity to watch these events. According to experts, at least a billion people see the American Film Academy Awards.

Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is no less famous in the world. It is named after the Swedish engineer and entrepreneur Alfred Nobel, who at one time became famous, among other things, for inventing dynamite.

This prestigious prize is awarded every year to scientists, writers and public figures for outstanding achievements in the field of chemistry, physics, physiology and medicine, for literary activity and contribution to the consolidation of peace.

According to the rules, the Nobel Prize can be awarded not only to one, but also to several persons, the number of which, however, cannot exceed three. The award will not be awarded posthumously unless the applicant was in good health at the time the award was announced.

The awarding of prizes in various areas is carried out by the relevant Nobel Committees. They also play a major role in the selection of laureates. In some cases, committee members may seek advice from recognized experts in specific fields of science. The prize established by Nobel includes not only a monetary award, but also a diploma and a special gold medal.

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