How To Sell DVDs

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How To Sell DVDs
How To Sell DVDs

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Time does not stand still, and today many information carriers are irrevocably outdated. These include, for example, DVDs, the popularity of which was not in doubt five years ago. The owners of rather large collections have recently been trying to get rid of their wealth, which takes up too much space.

How to sell DVDs
How to sell DVDs


Step 1

List the discs available with the title of the movie and year of release. This step must be completed before you begin any further search for a buyer. After all, you will hardly be able to memorize dozens, and sometimes hundreds of names.

Step 2

Set a price. Even if once you bought discs for three hundred rubles apiece, you should not hope that today you will help out at least fifty percent of their cost. Be realistic - in the age of high technology, when every movie can be downloaded in ten minutes on the Internet, DVDs have lost their relevance for many segments of the population.

Step 3

Advertise in the newspaper. There are quite a few mass media outlets that accept ads from citizens for free. Try to go to several publications at once. Tell us about the product, its quantity, your contacts and, preferably, the price.

Step 4

Place your ad online. Try to cover as many sites as possible - online flea markets, auctions, forums. Mention your product on a large number of sites and your chances of selling discs will increase.

Step 5

Go to the market. In such places, the sale of DVDs is still relevant, so it is worth trying to negotiate with the seller or the owner of the tent to sell your collection. If you set a minimum price, then chances are good to get rid of all annoying disks at once.

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