What Does The Name Sabina Mean?

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What Does The Name Sabina Mean?
What Does The Name Sabina Mean?

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The owners of this beautiful name are endowed with a rather wayward character: they are mercantile, and sometimes cynical. The name Sabina is quite rare in Russia and has several versions of its origin.

Sabina's character leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, over time, she admits all her mistakes
Sabina's character leaves much to be desired. Fortunately, over time, she admits all her mistakes

The origin of the name Sabina

According to the first version, the name Sabina has Italian roots. Allegedly, a people called the Sabines lived on the territory of Ancient Italy. Tradition says that these people were once captured by the Romans. Since then, all Sabine women living in Ancient Rome were called “Sabines”. According to the second version, Sabina is a name of Arabic origin. Translated from this language into Russian, it sounds like a "little sword". The third version of the origin of this name says that Sabina is of Aramaic origin and is translated into Russian as “baptized”.

Meaning of the name Sabina

Women, named Sabines, are initially endowed with a wayward character. This is the energy of this name. These are capricious, but strong-willed women with high self-esteem. Many Sabines react quite sharply even to the smallest attacks against them. From the very childhood, Sabina begins to show her stubborn character. The girl seeks to subordinate her own parents and everyone around her to her will. Some parents already at the dawn of little Sabina's life make one fatal mistake - they bring up their daughter in excessive affection and love. This, combined with the energy of the name, turns Sabina into a capricious princess!

As a teenager, Sabina can show genuine cruelty towards her peers. This girl is a real lover of all kinds of intrigue and gossip. Moreover, Sabina is greedy for luxury and money. Girls like Sabina are often referred to as “mean girl”. Often, her wrong ambition and inability to communicate with people at a basic level lead to the fact that Sabina is left alone with loneliness. Unfortunately, only after that Sabina can realize her mistake and begin to appreciate her family and those people who still somehow communicate with her.

The intimate meaning of the name Sabina

Despite all her commercialism, Sabina approaches marriage with all responsibility. This is understandable: many Sabines arrange their own relationships already in middle age, when, finally, they realize all the mistakes of their youth. This woman approaches the choice of her life partner responsibly. In family life, the owners of this name are caring wives and affectionate mothers. Sabines, who fully realized the mistakes of their youth, begin to idealize their loved ones: Sabina will protect her children, like a lioness, ready to gnaw the throat of anyone who encroaches on her family, and will protect her husband in every possible way and shield them from any uncomfortable situations. Of these women, quite bearable housewives get: Sabines with love and taste equip their own home, cook deliciously and warmly welcome guests.

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