What Does The Name Sonya Mean?

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What Does The Name Sonya Mean?
What Does The Name Sonya Mean?

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In fact, the name Sonya is a short form of the name Sophia. The second variant of the full form of this name is Sofia. Its translation from Slavic into Russian sounds like "wise", "wise", "rationality", "science". It is curious that at present the name Sonya is acquiring its independence.

The name Sonya is translated as "wise", "wise", "rationality", "science"
The name Sonya is translated as "wise", "wise", "rationality", "science"

The meaning of the name Sonya in childhood

There is a humorous version that the name Sonya reflects the character traits of its owner, associated with an incredible desire to sleep. It's no coincidence that sleep-lovers are called sleepyheads, as well as lazy people. Of course, this is just a joke. The owners of this name can not be called either lazy or sleepy. Sonya are wise and reasonable women. At least, this is how the translation of their name from the Slavic language sounds.

From childhood, little Sonya have shown willpower and determination. They listen to advice and warnings from their parents, but they act at the call of their hearts. Sony does not really trust unfamiliar people, but at any time they can come to the rescue in someone else's trouble. As a child, Sonechki are compassionate girls and can shelter both a street cat and a dog in the house. These girls grow up with gentle and sophisticated natures.

The meaning of the name Sonya in adulthood

A pretty confident girl grows out of little Sonya, who always knows what she wants to get out of her life. Many owners of this name, with age, justify its meaning, becoming intelligent women with a strong character. In her professional life, Sophia can make a good career. As a rule, Sonya achieve their goals, choosing the easiest path to their dreams. Many of them are quite sociable individuals, so they can easily join one or another work collective.

Sophia always gives an account of her words. Before she says anything, she will weigh every word. These women are not fond of empty talk. Moreover, they despise various windbags and gossips. Another remarkable feature of this name is the ability to listen and reason arisen disputes and disagreements between people. Some say that Sophia is born to be arbitrators. In everyday life, Sonya manifests herself as a good housewife. She carefully monitors the condition of her home, and also pays great attention to her family.

It is worth noting that the role of the wife of Sonia succeeds with difficulty. The fact is that she perceives her husband not as an object of adoration and reverence, but as an ordinary addition to her family and to her image. The owners of this name believe that the head of the family is a woman. Fortunately, not every Sonya has feminist beliefs.

Variants of pronunciation of the name Sonya

Sonya's full form is Sophia or Sophia. Its European pronunciation is Sophie. Diminutive forms are Sofyushka, Sofochka, Sonechka.

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