What Does The Name Marina Mean

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What Does The Name Marina Mean
What Does The Name Marina Mean

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The name Marina came from ancient times and can rightfully be considered a monument of ancient Roman art and culture. Literally it means "sea", which came from the abyss of the waves.

Marina means sea
Marina means sea

The origin of the name Marina

It is surprising that in ancient Rome this was a male name - Marin, with an emphasis on the first syllable, and indicated that the warrior belonged to the naval business. The name Marina came to the Slavic culture after the formation of Christianity, when at the baptism of a person he was given a name in accordance with the Christmastide calendar. According to legend, Marina was the daughter of a pagan priest. After she secretly converted to Christianity from her father, he renounced her and threw her out of the house. A noble resident of the same Roman province wanted to marry her, but Marina did not want to change her faith and was sentenced to death. During the execution of the sentence, an earthquake began, and the shackles fell from her, but the execution still took place, and many Christians were executed along with Marina.

Marina's main character traits

Marina's women are judicious and never give vent to emotions in business relationships. All their steps are thought out, aimed at the well-being and development of the business in which they are engaged. In moving up the career ladder, Marina, as a rule, uses a patron, whom she happily forgets immediately after achieving the goal.

Marina's sensuality awakens at school age and fans are always hovering around her. Moreover, beauty does not matter, because Marina's attractiveness comes from within, she beckons men with amazing magnetism, charm that make them absolutely defenseless in front of her charms.

Family life with Marina is not easy - she is very jealous, both in relation to her husband and in relation to children, and neither her mother-in-law nor the chosen ones of her children will admit to her home. Her love is very impulsive, capable of sweeping away everything that gets in her way. High self-esteem often hinders both her and those who live next to her - she requires constant admiration for herself from relatives and colleagues. But Marina herself gives herself to her loved ones without a trace, she is always ready to help and support.

How is Marina's fate

Marina's fate is like waves - now it is quiet and calm, now it is seething, in full swing. Her intransigence and decisiveness, excessive self-confidence and perseverance leave an imprint on both her personal life and relations in the work collective. Marina's first marriage, as a rule, is unsuccessful and ends in divorce with a showdown, but the victory always remains with her.

In the work collective, Marina is respected and a little afraid - she is strict, but fair. Colleagues want to see her in the leadership chair, but are afraid of her straightforwardness, which often reduces her efforts to nothing.

After 30-35 years, Marina gains wisdom based only on her own life experience and mistakes, and becomes softer, more cunning. Together with the ability to "tame the waves", peace and tranquility come into her life, it becomes quiet and comfortable next to her.

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