Where Time Flies

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Where Time Flies
Where Time Flies

Sometimes there is a moment when a person thinks that time flies too fast and does not understand why this is happening. You need to come to terms with this fact or try to change something in your life.

Where time flies
Where time flies


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The question of the transience of time is mostly philosophical and does not have an unambiguous answer. Time constantly passes at the same speed, however, under the influence of various life situations, it sometimes seems that it flows faster or, conversely, slowly.

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Like any living organism, man is mortal, and his life span is limited. If we correlate the average life span of a person with the duration of a certain era or even the age of the universe, it becomes clear that this is just a drop in a huge ocean. Realizing this, a person begins to think that the end of life may be much closer than it seems, but a lot has already been lived. Fearing the approaching end, people begin to complain that time and life itself flies by too quickly.

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The fact that time passes quickly is most often said by those people whose life is filled and even saturated with bright events. This becomes especially noticeable during the period of becoming an adult, when, after studying, a person takes the blow of difficulties and hardships, but at the same time many previously inaccessible joys. He has a family and children, is worth a lightning career, travels, has fun and never ceases to learn all new phenomena. Waking up from this round of events, people suddenly remember that, it would seem, quite recently they had nothing, but now their life has changed dramatically and is strikingly different from past years.

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Thoughts about the transience of time and life should in no way cause negative. If a person knows what he is striving for, what he has not yet achieved in this life, if he is sure that his offspring will continue his endeavors, he will enjoy this life and every minute lived in this world, not regretting the times long gone. A bright and eventful life is much more interesting than a leisurely, gray and empty life.

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