What Grass Protects From Flies

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What Grass Protects From Flies
What Grass Protects From Flies

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Flies are not only annoying insects, but also dangerous carriers of all kinds of diseases that have serious consequences for the human body. To get rid of flies without using harmful chemicals, you can use repellent plants.

Tansy - repellent plant
Tansy - repellent plant

A number of indoor, wild and garden plants are capable of emitting special aromatic substances into the air that have a toxic or repellent effect on insects. These repellent plants can not only decorate the garden area and the interior of the house, but also help get rid of annoying flies.


Of all houseplants, flies do not like pelargonium (fragrant geranium) most of all. The leaves of the flower have a specific smell, which is enhanced if you just touch the plant. The smell of geranium does not just drive flies out of the room, it does not even allow them to enter the house if pots with this flower are placed on the windowsill.

Another no less effective houseplant in the fight against flies is the evergreen liana plectranthus shrub - this flower is popularly called the fly-eater. Plectrantus has a delicate mint aroma, unbearable for flies, mosquitoes, house moths.

A beautiful and original houseplant Dionea or "Venus flytrap" is a real carnivorous flower that gives off a smell that attracts insects. Dionea has a rosette of leaves that instantly collapse when a fly lands on them.

The leafless houseplant stapelia hunts flies in a peculiar way: the incredibly beautiful flowers in the shape of stars exude the smell of rotting meat, which is very attractive to insects, into the air. Flies, attracted by this scent, stick to the surface of the petals, which are covered with fine, dense hairs.

Garden plants

Among garden plantings, castor oil plant is more popular - a tall plant with beautiful leaves and original fruits. The smell of castor oil repels not only flies, but also many other insects annoying people.

Other garden plants, such as walnuts, thuja, laurel, and juniper, chase away flies no less effectively. A well-known culinary seasoning - basil, planted on the site, in flower pots on the windowsill, or simply spread out in separate branches around the apartment, will make flies leave the room for a long time.

Flies also dislike ruta - they are usually planted in boxes placed on the windowsill and not far from dung heaps and houses for livestock. But it is important to remember that you can only touch the leaves of the rue by wearing protective gloves, because the plant can cause skin irritation and blistering.

Wild plants

Flowers of wild tansy have a paralyzing effect on flies. Therefore, in order to expel insects from the house for a long time, it is enough to hang small bunches of this plant in the corners or make bouquets from it: tansy retains its shape, color and smell for a long time.

Small cut branches of most elderberry species are just as effective on flies as tansy. The pungent smell of its leaves is intolerable not only to flies, but also to mice. The most productive in the fight against insects is the black, red and herbaceous elderberry. Branches of mountain ash, irgi, horse chestnut and fern will have the same effect on flies.

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