Social Environment As A Factor

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Social Environment As A Factor
Social Environment As A Factor

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The social environment is the formed social world of relations between the individual and the social state, which were formed by a number of generations of people through their life activities. The connection of a single individual with the social environment is carried out through individual activities in relation to society.

Social environment as a factor
Social environment as a factor

"Microenvironment" of personality

The microenvironment is a small link in social conditions that affects the primary development of the individual.

The first and most important link in development is the family, in which a person receives primary formation. The perception and attitude to the sphere of social relations is formed. The family begins to familiarize a person with the customs and traditions of society, the norms of moral behavior. Educational institutions, schools teach the usual forms of communication. For example, a small child, who is instilled in a family with a love of the environment, a respectful attitude towards older family members, comes to school and brings with him the acquired behavioral skills. These skills can be learned by other children. But it also happens the other way around - the child brings with him rudeness, boorish attitude, intolerance towards another person.

Therefore, social relations in the primary cell of society are very important. The individuality of a person is created by the fact that in the process of his formation and development, a person goes through various stages and social groups - these are children's institutions, school, institute, labor collective. All these social groups have their own rules of conduct and relationships between their members. And passing through all these separate societies, a person's personality is enriched, and forms his behavior and attitude towards society as a whole.

The team as one of the factors of the social environment

The greatest influence on the formation of a person as a person in adulthood is the collective. A collective is a social group consisting of people united by a system of relationships that have arisen on the basis of psychological ties. The structure of collective relations includes functional, managerial and moral relations. This social group has its own psychological structure, common assessment of behavior, norms of relations. The social functions of the individual are realized directly within the group, where its vital activity takes place. If a person is simultaneously in opposite social groups under certain conditions, this can cause negative consequences - “split personality”, the imposition of knowledge and beliefs on each other. Therefore, it is very important to understand what place a person occupies in a team, taking into account personal and business relationships. The higher the place, the more a person values ​​their personal and business reputation.

This is an important socio-psychological moment, since a person, valuing his authority, can make self-sacrifice, putting the interests of the team above personal ones.

Considering the social environment as the main factor in the development of the human personality, it is important to understand, first of all, the consciousness of social being, the structure of the socio-economic structure, the distribution of labor and the product of production of society's activities.

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