What Is The Environment

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What Is The Environment
What Is The Environment

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Environment - a set of natural conditions, objects of animate and inanimate nature, constituting the environment of a living system (man or animal) and constantly interacting with it.

What is the environment
What is the environment


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When people say "environment", they usually mean nature. Nature is a natural material system that includes objects that are not created by human hands. These are soil, water, air, flora and fauna. In a more general concept, nature is the entire universe, including planets and solar systems.

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However, in a legal sense, the identification of the environment with nature is incorrect, since the environment can consist not only of natural objects, but also of man-made ones, for example, artificial reservoirs, planted forests, reserves; animals raised in captivity and then released into natural conditions for permanent habitation, etc.

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The term "environment" is one of the fundamental concepts of the science of ecology. This definition was introduced in the second half of the 19th century by the German scientist Jacob Uxskühl and meant the external conditions of life of living beings to the extent that they are perceived by the senses and induce them to take certain actions (protection, hunting, looking for food or shelter, territorial migration, etc.) etc.).

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In connection with the constant human use of natural resources and environmental pollution, it became necessary to strictly regulate actions that can lead to the complete depletion of natural reserves. Article 58 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation reads: "Everyone is obliged to preserve nature and the environment, to take good care of natural resources." In addition, the Federal Law on Environmental Protection is in force.

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The environment, the quality of which corresponds to the normal living conditions of living beings, is called favorable. Such an environment is a set of constantly functioning ecological systems and surrounding objects of the natural and artificial nature of creation. The human right to favorable living conditions is ensured by his observance of environmental standards, conservation of natural resources and regular environmental protection measures.

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