What Not To Do In The Forest

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What Not To Do In The Forest
What Not To Do In The Forest

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The forest is the best resting place for both children and adults. It is here that the rich and varied nature is concentrated, which is ideally complemented by birdsong and fresh clean air. In order to keep the forest green and beautiful, as well as not to harm yourself, when you are in it, you need to follow certain safety rules.

What not to do in the forest
What not to do in the forest

Behavior in the forest

When you are in the forest, it is strictly forbidden to break glass bottles or leave their fragments uncleared - other people can get hurt on them, and in the summer the glass can become a magnifier for the sun's rays and cause a serious fire. Bonfires are allowed to be kindled only in specially designated places - in no case should they be built next to resinous conifers or a large number of fallen dry needles.

Foresters recommend making fires in the forest at a distance of two to three meters from any trees.

It is also forbidden to behave very noisy, turn on loud music, set fire to firecrackers or shout - this will negatively affect the psychological state of animals and birds. The cigarette butts left behind must be collected and carried away, as animals can eat them and poison themselves. You cannot break off the tops of young spruces and pines, tear ferns, branches of shrubs and flowers - with a large attendance of the forest, this will harm its ecosystem. In some forests, which are nature reserves or national parks, it is forbidden to pitch tents and pick mushrooms, but these areas are usually marked with special signs.

Forest ecology

In order to avoid disturbing forest ecology, it is forbidden to leave any traces of your stay in the forest in the form of cans, cellophane bags, plastic bottles, paper and other foreign objects that can pose a fire or traumatic hazard to the forest and animals. All combustible waste must be taken with you or buried thoroughly, as well as rapidly decomposing organic waste (for example, food left over from a picnic).

A separate and very important point of prohibited behavior in the forest is entering it by car, which pollutes the forest air and destroys grass plants.

Also, you cannot harvest wood by cutting down trees on your own and without special permission from the forestry. For illegal logging, domestic legislation provides for serious penalties, ranging from the collection of large fines and ending with a six-year prison term. The same goes for collecting rare plants or flowers that could be classified as endangered. The construction of various structures in the forest in the form of fences, sheds and temporary huts without appropriate agreements is also strictly prohibited.

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