How Not To Freeze In The Forest

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How Not To Freeze In The Forest
How Not To Freeze In The Forest

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If you get lost in the woods, feel tired, and there is a cold night ahead, collect your thoughts and start preparing for the night. You should make every effort to warm the body in order to hold out until the morning, until you are found.

How not to freeze in the forest
How not to freeze in the forest


Step 1

If you went into the forest, no matter why - for mushrooms, berries, for a picnic or just for a walk, you must prepare for unforeseen situations at least minimally. This means that your emergency suitcase should contain matches wrapped in cellophane, a folding knife, a bowl, if possible, grab a lens and rope. But even without all these items, it is quite possible to survive in the forest.

Step 2

Start by finding firewood and materials to light your fire. At the same time, you will not only be able to keep warm, but also make yourself a relatively warm bed for the night. Try to choose logs of hardwood trees - they give more coal. Less thin branches and debris. Dry leaves, grass, etc. are useful for bedding. If you can find large stones, approximately the size of a fist, they will become a good basis for a fire. Theoretically, out of everything you find, you can just make a fire, keep it up all night to warm up. However, fatigue will take its toll, the body needs energy, and you will be drawn to sleep.

Step 3

In order not to freeze in your sleep, find a suitable place to sleep. It should be protected from wind and rain by at least low-sloping tree branches. Better if it is a lowland between the hills. Dig in the ground with the materials at hand - a bowl, a pot, a knife, a stick or just with your hands - a hole about 30 cm deep, in width and length suitable for your body. If the ground is frozen, it will first have to be warmed up by making a small fire on it.

Step 4

Lay stones evenly at the bottom of the pit, make a fire on top. Your task is to get good coals from burnt wood. The fire will have to be burned for at least 2-3 hours. Take advantage of the situation while you are burning wood, prepare food, boil water, and dry wet clothes. After that, fill the hole over the entire area with coals to a depth of about 15 cm, fill it with a 10 cm layer of earth, tamp it well. Smoke from embers must not seep through the ground. If it still goes, ram it some more.

Step 5

After waiting about an hour for the ground to warm up, lay yourself a lounger. Dry leaves, needles, dried grass and moss are ideal for this. Cover the entire pit with a 30 cm layer of leaves where you hid the coals underground. It is advisable to cover the impromptu featherbed with a waterproof material, since the soil with which you sprinkled the charcoal may be wet and steam from it will go up.

Step 6

Wrap yourself in all the clothes that you have with you, fasten all the buttons, do not take off your shoes. Put a scarf, scarf on your head or wrap it with any piece of fabric. This will keep your clothes warm for much longer. Now you can wait until morning, taking a nap on the warm ground. The heat from the coals will last about 4-5 hours.

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