What Does Evolution Mean

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What Does Evolution Mean
What Does Evolution Mean

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Evolution - deployment, development. This term originally appeared to describe human development. Over time, the term migrated to other areas to denote the growth of certain indicators. Surely in the future, evolution will directly describe the spiritual growth of man.

Biological evolution
Biological evolution

Evolution in the form of a concept was identified and accepted by the public in the distant 19th century. At that time, it was used in the context of human development. Charles Darwin put forward his theory of the evolutionary development of man from primitive unicellular to "thinking bipedal". In order to emphasize that humanity is developing, the Latin term was used, which in translation means "deployment".

Evolution of biological species

At that time, there were many theories related to the evolution of biological species. One of the most basic was the theory of natural selection. According to the theory, a stronger species displaces a weaker one, occupying its niche in the process of evolution. In order to survive, each individual biological species is constantly being improved, acquiring new properties. It is thanks to competition, the desire to survive, that new species also appear.

Gradually, the term "evolution" began to be used not only in connection with the development of man as a biological species, but in other areas. For example, spiritual evolution, the evolution of science, and so on.

Spiritual evolution

By the end of the twentieth century, Charles Darwin's theory of the evolution of species came under fire. There was substantial evidence that refuted the main postulates of the scientist. However, the very term "evolution" remained. He so deeply entered the consciousness of mankind that it is perceived almost at the genetic level.

By and large, evolution is growth, striving for the ideal, the final result. The reverse process of evolution is involution, that is, backward movement. These two terms gradually migrated into spiritual practices, when human life is viewed as a process of striving towards God, the Absolute. In this case, we are talking about evolution. When a person degrades spiritually, plunges into the material, often exposes himself to sinfulness, then he makes an involutionary path.

According to spiritual teachings, the goal of every person is to constantly improve. In other words, to carry out the evolution of the soul.

Human evolution

Modern philosophers and spiritual seekers argue that at the moment humanity is at a turning point, when a global evolutionary leap must go through, which will allow us to step on to the next stage of development.

If you believe the statements, this happens extremely rarely, that is, we are witnessing spiritual evolution in the bud. Surely the term "evolution" will now be most often used in the context of spiritual growth, as Darwin's theory is gradually forgotten. Its place was taken by the theory of the evolution of the human soul.

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