What Does The Word Respect Mean?

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What Does The Word Respect Mean?
What Does The Word Respect Mean?

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Often, when communicating online with friends, in furious discussions and disputes on forums, you can meet with how the most successful positions and arguments are evaluated with the word "respect". This term has gained great popularity today, so it is worth speculating a little about what it means and why it is used as an Internet meme.

What does the word respect mean?
What does the word respect mean?

The word "respect": dictionary meaning

Once this concept was used in pre-revolutionary Russia, and it was somewhat ironic in nature. Often in the works of Russian classics, you can see it in the form of "reshpectus". If someone wanted to express respect to some person, in this case they said that he had respect for him.

However, such an expression often meant alienation between people, that is, a rejection of trusting, close or too familiar relations. Today, a lot has changed, and in communication between modern young people or bloggers in real life, this term has changed its "color".

What does the word "respect" mean?

Like many other internet computer slang words, this term has a foreign origin. As many bloggers assure, it came to Russia from the United States. In any case, there is no doubt about its English-speaking origin. The word "respect" is a transliteration in Russian letters of the Latin spelling respect ("honor", "respect").

Most often this word is used when leaving comments ("comments") on some posts and want to emphasize that the presentation or the position of the author is extremely popular and close to the public. This term is especially widespread in social networks, for example, on Facebook, VKontakte, etc.

"Respect and respect": tautology or synonyms?

Although the word "respect" is a common way of expressing respect in the Internet community, not everyone understands its meaning. That is why commentators often use a duplicated form in their assessments - for example, "respect and respect". This newfangled expression can be seen quite often. The last slang word means warped Russian "respect".

Despite the fact that the phrase is tautological in meaning, it is quite widespread. In fact, the two words mean almost the same thing, but many bloggers are sure that in this way they can emphasize the meaning of the first concept and enable the interlocutor to understand what is at stake.

When is the word "respect" used most often?

As a rule, the word "respect" means a manifestation of special respect for any words, actions or worldview of a given group of people or an individual, but not for themselves. In other words, a blogger uses this term when he wants to say that he is delighted with some thought, supports a certain opinion, or believes that a particular action of a person deserves a positive assessment.

In some cases, the use of such a word means that your interlocutor sympathizes with you and is ready to support your views. This term has already migrated from the Internet into real / live communication and into telephone conversations. In addition, he began to acquire some grammatical features, for example, used in the form "respect". It also means respect for the speaker or writer.

What is respect

In some forums, respect is a kind of statistical unit of measurement of a certain user's assessment. For example, if this “respect indicator” is red, it means that other participants like the author’s statements very much, and his status becomes high.

If the blogger's "respect" is blue, this author is not very popular, and his posts do not inspire confidence in the majority of forum users.

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