How To Make All Your Desires Come True

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How To Make All Your Desires Come True
How To Make All Your Desires Come True

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Every day we have different desires, but there are dreams that live inside us for many years. Someone strives with all their souls to realize what they want and does everything possible for this, while someone, not hoping to ever get closer to the cherished goal, simply continues to hopelessly dream. There are certain rules for making a wish that will make your dreams come true.

The correct formulation of desire will help you get closer to the dream
The correct formulation of desire will help you get closer to the dream


Step 1

Try not to use the "not" particle when you talk about positive things that will directly affect the fulfillment of your desire. For example, when dreaming of a promotion, do not say: “I will not stay as a manager for a long time,” use: “In a month I will be appointed as the head of the customer service department,” and so on.

Step 2

When formulating a desire, try to determine the deadline for its fulfillment. For example: "In April I will buy a country house." It is better if you designate a specific date, this will give you an incentive to act, and the Universe will try to create all possible conditions for you to implement your plan.

Step 3

Be sure to create a step-by-step plan for yourself, following which will lead you to your cherished goal. After all, you do not think that, having made a wish, you can lie on the couch and watch TV, and at the appointed time a courier will knock on your door with your dream in hand and give everything free of charge.

Step 4

Visualize your dream daily. Sit in a comfortable position, watch your own breathing. Gradually begin to imagine that your wish has come true: you are sitting in your car, living in your house, relaxing at a resort, playing a wedding with your loved one, etc. Try to feel with your hands the upholstery of the seat, steering wheel (in the car), furniture (house), sand, warmth of the sun (resort), kisses of a loved one (wedding), etc. Smell the scents that you associate with your dream. Turn on the music or sounds of your desire (the sound of the surf, the rumbling of the engine, etc.) Immerse yourself in your dream - reality. Get out of meditation gradually and keep within yourself all those sensations and feelings that you just experienced. Call them inside yourself every day to remember why you are performing this or that action.

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