How To Make Your Wish Come True

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How To Make Your Wish Come True
How To Make Your Wish Come True

Video: How To Make Your Wish Come True

Video: How To Make Your Wish Come True
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Making desires come true is like nothing else. When you really want something, constantly think about it, strive for it, then a new goal appears in life. However, only desire is not enough: to make your dreams come true, you need to start acting.

How to make your wish come true
How to make your wish come true


  • - pen;
  • - notebook.


Step 1

Let go of your desire, stop concentrating your thoughts only on it. The more you want something, the less likely it is to happen. Why does this happen? The fact is that instead of believing in the fulfillment of what you want, you give it a shade of something unreal and thereby distance yourself from the fulfillment of your dream.

Step 2

Tune in to the fact that what you want will definitely happen. You need to be sure that the circumstances will turn out in the right way. Your confidence in success will already be half of success. Instead of a strong desire, you should have a firm intention to implement it at all costs.

Step 3

Imagine that what you want has already happened. If you want to meet love, then imagine that you have already met it. If your goal is a high-paying job, then think that it is already in your hands. Visualization very well stimulates the psyche and you, having imagined how everything can be, if what you want is fulfilled, you will at a subconscious level strive to achieve it.

Step 4

Take action. If you sit on the couch and dream of a promising place, it is unlikely to find you on its own. Sending out a resume is not always enough either. You must be active, demonstrate, first of all, to yourself, what you are ready to go for in order to make your dreams come true. The hardest part here is taking the first step. Once you get past that milestone, things will be much easier.

Step 5

Write down in a special notebook what you have done over the past day in order to fulfill your dream. Try not to have evenings on which you have nothing to write down. This way you can watch how you get closer to your goal. The more often entries appear in the notebook, the faster you will accomplish what you want.

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