How To Style A Wig

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How To Style A Wig
How To Style A Wig
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A wig or hair piece is a great way to radically change your appearance and create a unique look. A couple of seconds - and you have long curly hair or a naughty boyish haircut. This is a huge scope for imagination and the opportunity to follow fashion without visiting the monthly hairdresser. Neatly combed and tastefully styled hair looks very beautiful, whether it is your own or not. How to style your wig correctly?

How to style a wig
How to style a wig


  • curlers,
  • hair spray,
  • air conditioner,
  • mesh,
  • towel,
  • shampoo


Step 1

The wig must be washed thoroughly before styling. Dilute a little shampoo in a liter of water and place the hair patch in the resulting solution for 10 minutes. Then rinse gently and place in a terrycloth towel. Press gently to avoid twisting. Dry your wig by placing it on a dry cloth. Do not use heating devices, keep out of the sun's rays.

Step 2

Shake the wig gently and comb through it. Put it on the head-shape, so it will be more convenient for you to work. Spray with cold water using a spray bottle. If you don't want to wet your wig, use a styling conditioner. Spray a small amount of conditioner, holding the can twenty to thirty centimeters from your hair. Start styling the strands, going from the ends to the middle. Do not pour too much conditioner onto the wig, otherwise it will quickly become dirty.

Step 3

If your hair is straight, it is enough to gently comb it and style with a comb. If the hair is curly, then shape it with your fingers. A comb is not needed in this case. Use curlers to create a new style. Before doing this, wet the wig with styling product and comb through. Roll your hair in a curler perpendicular to the axis of rotation, starting from the frontal area. After styling your hairstyle, put the net over the wig and gently blow dry.

Step 4

Remove the curlers, be sure to check if the mount is not visible. After that, comb the wig thoroughly and spray it with hairspray. The styling is ready.

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