How To Comb A Wig

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How To Comb A Wig
How To Comb A Wig

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The hairstyle on a wig is not static: artificial hair, like natural hair, requires constant care. To make them look natural, it is necessary to regularly comb the removed wig, since when it is put on the head, it will be very problematic to correct the hair.

How to comb a wig
How to comb a wig


Step 1

Wash the wig with shampoo in warm water at a temperature of about 35 degrees and apply a special mask to the hair. After rinsing thoroughly, gently wring it out and wrap it in a terrycloth towel. Never wash your wig in hot water, and start brushing only after it is completely dry. Secure the wig on a special disc or three-liter jar. You can also ask someone to hold the wig in their hands to make it easier for you to comb it.

Step 2

Start at the ends of your hair. If they are very tangled, highlight small strands and brush them one at a time with a long-toothed metal comb with a long handle to help unravel small tangles and holds. After finishing the ends, gradually move to the top of the wig. Do not use force when combing. If puffs and tangles form, carefully cut them off with scissors. To avoid noticeable bald spots, do not overuse this method.

Step 3

Divide your hair into sections: the more tangled it is, the more sections you need to comb. Disassemble serious tangles with your hands. Pay special attention to the back of your head, where the tangles are the most. Achieve the correct direction of the hair: they should be parallel to each other. Having detangled your hair, continue brushing with a wooden massage brush with thick fingers, the advantage of which is that they do not electrify well. The brush is designed for styling strands and shaping hairstyles. Direct it from top to bottom and make sure that the hair does not form clumps. Do not pull on the wig while brushing, otherwise frizzy hair will lose its shape.

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