How To Find Your Literary Style

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How To Find Your Literary Style
How To Find Your Literary Style

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You can develop your writing talent by working hard. By honing his skills, the writer masters the norms of the language, replenishes his vocabulary, learns to use different genres. But mastering techniques does not yet guarantee that the result will be a unique piece. To make a book unique, you need to try to find your own literary style.

How to find your literary style
How to find your literary style

Author's style as a way of self-expression

When starting to create a literary work, an aspiring writer seeks to stand out from the general stream of authors, to go beyond his own capabilities, to find a unique and inimitable author's style. At first, it can be very difficult to get rid of imitation of other authors, whose works in one way or another influence the work of a beginner.

Developing your own literary style usually comes with experience. A unique and immediately recognizable style of writing is not created overnight, but gradually, by the method of countless trial and error. Each writer, in the process of painstaking work on the text, selects such linguistic constructions that are most capable of reflecting his personal characteristics and the way of perceiving reality.

The easiest way to form a literary style is if the author writes about what he is well versed in, what causes him inspiration and enthusiasm. Then each page of the work begins to play with bright colors, and memorable images of heroes emerge from the pen. Opening the book of an accomplished writer, the reader immediately recognizes him by his special artistic techniques and the manner in which he builds a storyline.

How to find your own literary style

The first rule of creating your own style is: try to read as much as possible. This is not about the mindless swallowing of many second-rate works. It is important to choose genuine literary masterpieces for reading, the authors of which are recognized masters in their genre. Getting acquainted with the works, it makes sense to carefully and thoughtfully analyze the manner of presenting thoughts that the author suggests ("Write your own book", VG Krotov, 2006).

Another technique for developing an individual style of writing is daily practice. Learning the style of the masters is very useful for learning the strong techniques of the writing craft, but your own style is created only when you work on your texts. There is no need to set yourself the task of writing an epic novel straight away. It is enough to regularly practice in sketches, travel notes, diary entries. The accumulated small compositions can later become the basis for large compositions.

Use small literary forms to develop the author's style. From this point of view, writing short stories, non-fiction articles or reflections that take the form of an essay is most attractive. A very interesting and effective method in which the same topic is presented in a different manner, using different language means. You can try to write the same story in different genres. This technique forms the flexibility of style and teaches to rebuild the manner of writing, depending on the creative tasks facing the author.

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