How To Open A New Bus Route

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How To Open A New Bus Route
How To Open A New Bus Route

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When opening a new bus route, it is necessary to adhere to the rules and schemes of transport routes established by the local administration and the Ministry of Transport. Remember, you must ensure that your passengers travel safely.

How to open a new bus route
How to open a new bus route


Step 1

Register your activity. You can register as a legal entity or act as an individual entrepreneur. In addition, you need to obtain a license to carry out passenger transportation.

Step 2

Develop a diagram of the new route you want to work on. Better to do this with a graphics program. Indicate stopping points on the diagram, the distance between them, and mark the characteristic features of the road, for example, forks, intersections or level crossings.

Step 3

Create a schedule of buses that will carry passengers along your route. This schedule must be summarized in a table, which will indicate the time of departure and arrival of each vehicle, as well as the time it spent at all stopping points.

Step 4

Set the amount of charges for the carriage of passengers and baggage. In addition, you need to make a schedule for the drivers on your bus route. Do not forget to include the times and points of rest for drivers and their shifts.

Step 5

Make an application for the opening of a new bus route. If you work as a legal entity, the application must indicate the name, organizational and legal form of the organization, its legal address and location address, as well as all bank details. For an individual entrepreneur, you must indicate the surname, name, patronymic and passport data.

Step 6

Make copies of all constituent documents, certificates and licenses. You also need to have a copy of the document containing information on the number and type of vehicles.

Step 7

Provide copies of documents, an application and a route diagram to the local administration, where they will be examined, and then sent to the executive authority of your region.

Step 8

Obtain a passport of the route after receiving approval of your request.

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