How To Find Out Who You Were In A Previous Life

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How To Find Out Who You Were In A Previous Life
How To Find Out Who You Were In A Previous Life

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An increasing number of people in the world accept such a phenomenon as reincarnation. Indeed, it is strange to think that after the death of the physical body, nothing remains of a person or personality. It is more logical to assume that the acquired experience is necessarily evaluated (by the higher mind or the system of world order), and depending on its quality, a set of conditions is selected under which it is advisable for the soul to be born and live in the next life. Moreover, most of the problems in the present are echoes of "sins" and mistakes made in past lives. But how do you know about them?

How to find out who you were in a previous life
How to find out who you were in a previous life

Messengers of the past

Spontaneous incidents of past life memories are associated with dreams. In a dream, when a person's physical body is resting, his soul (mental body) communicates with the higher "I", evaluating the day experienced, the events that have occurred and suggesting further options for the development of life situations. It is in dreams, especially if pictures of the surrounding area and situations are repeated repeatedly, and even in detail, that the soul recalls past lives. The reason may be unfinished business in previous incarnations, premature deaths, or strong emotional attachment to people who were then around.

Such "memories" can visit a person in reality. Most of the known cases are associated with foreign trips, when tourists, walking the streets of an unfamiliar city for the first time, begin to guess what is behind this or that turn, what building they will encounter if they go straight, and so on. But all this is only hints, which, although they may slightly open the veil of the past, do not always specifically answer the curiosity tormenting a person - who was he in past lives?

Hypnosis is the mirror of the soul

Regressive hypnosis can help answer this question. This method is used by many psychologists to solve problems in a person's life (healing phobias, repetitive situations, obsessive thoughts, etc.). The person (operator) is immersed in a state in which it becomes possible for him to communicate with the Guardians (curators of the personality on the higher planes) and the higher “I”, which determines the main life priorities. The hypnologist asks leading questions through the operator to his higher aspects, offering to show the ward the past experience of the soul. In practice, it turns out that each person is able to remember a lot of lives and at the same time describe in detail the era in which he existed in the past incarnation, as well as reproduce in detail the life and conditions of his past biographies.

The scientific world does not recognize reincarnation, as well as the reliability of the method of regressive hypnosis. But practicing hypnologists are completely sure: a person lives more than once. Very often, a person immersed in hypnosis and talking about his past incarnations describes so clearly all aspects of a person's life in a certain era, as only a professional historian who has devoted his whole life to this issue, who is familiar with a huge number of archives and eyewitness accounts of those times, could do it. … Under hypnosis, people can speak languages ​​incomprehensible to modern man, which specialists later recognize as rare dialects of extinct peoples. The information obtained from people immersed in hypnosis is replete with reliable facts about which they knew nothing in real life. This and much more convinces practicing hypnologists of the existence of past lives and that they can be remembered in this way.

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