How To Repair A Christmas Tree Garland

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How To Repair A Christmas Tree Garland
How To Repair A Christmas Tree Garland

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The variety and configurations of Christmas tree garlands make it possible to use them in the design of interiors and exteriors and to use them in light compositions. Almost every house has a garland, which, to the delight of the whole family, goes along with the Christmas tree decorations on the eve of the New Year holidays. However, it often happens that after connecting the garland to the network, it is found that it does not work. It can be fixed.

How to repair a Christmas tree garland
How to repair a Christmas tree garland


  • - Spare bulb;
  • - nippers;
  • - insulating tape;
  • - tester.


Step 1

The bulbs in the classic garland are connected in series. If it does not work, then a gap has formed somewhere, and the current cannot close its path. Perhaps a circuit breakdown occurred in the bulb holder, or it burned out, or a wire broke or broken somewhere. Most often, the part of the wire at the plug or socket is damaged, into which the light bulb is screwed.

Step 2

When starting to repair a garland, remember that extreme care must be taken when working with electrical devices. Determine a work area for repair that is away from metal objects and devices. Unplug the garland from the mains.

Step 3

Carefully inspect the wires and their connections to the sockets. If the malfunction is found in the molded plug, cut it off, replacing it with a regular one. If the connection of the base of the lamps with the contacts of the cartridges is broken, they must be tightened tightly clockwise.

Step 4

If these malfunctions are absent, then you need to find a burned out light bulb. Call each of them with a tester. If there is no tester, but there is another garland (serviceable), try to find the burned out lamp by replacing it by screwing it into one of the cartridges of the working garland. If it does, check the next one. Do this until you find the defective bulb. Make a change with a de-energized garland.

Step 5

You can also check a non-working garland using a known working spare light bulb in the same way. When a defective lamp is found, replace it with a new one of the same wattage and rated voltage.

Step 6

If there is no spare lamp, cut off the socket, strip the wires and connect them by twisting them together. Then carefully wrap them with duct tape. Despite the fact that the number of lights in the garland will decrease, her work will not suffer from this. So by depriving the garland of even two or three bulbs, you will not particularly reduce the resource of its operation.

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