How Can A Guy Change Into A Woman

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How Can A Guy Change Into A Woman
How Can A Guy Change Into A Woman

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The most curious men disguised themselves as women at least once in their lives. They are driven by the desire to know how a woman feels when she puts on a luxurious evening dress or sexy lingerie, which is the secret of female logic and behavior. The most persistent researchers of female nature constantly dress up and try on the female role in various everyday situations - cleaning an apartment in a maid's suit, a school teacher, etc. But where should a beginner start?

Trans-diva Martha Stewart, Omsk
Trans-diva Martha Stewart, Omsk


  • To achieve similarity with a woman, a man will help:
  • - Underwear;
  • - clothes;
  • - shoes;
  • - wig;
  • - cosmetics;
  • - costume jewelry


Step 1

Nowadays, the purchase of tights and stockings by a man, as well as women's underwear, no longer surprises anyone. The most that can cause your purchase is a benevolent smile of the seller. Choose what you like and feel free to buy, just prepare yourself to answer typical questions, for example, what size is your girl. Of course, if you are embarrassed to say that you personally need stockings and a bra.

Step 2

If you don't want your dress-up experiments to go public, order whatever you need for your makeover (wig, dress, shoes or boots) from online stores or online auctions such as e-bay. There is a risk that the product will come in the wrong size, but it can be replaced. Another drawback is the delivery times, which sometimes last up to one and a half months.

Step 3

When ordering dresses and shoes in the online store, specify which size scale the seller is guided by. Correlate Russian sizes with sizes accepted in European countries. As for China, where clothes and shoes are most often supplied from, they sew things in accordance with European standards.

Step 4

When all the packages have been received and your new outfits have been arranged, do your makeup. You will need: foundation, thick foundation, powder, foundation sponges, concealers, blush, shadows, mascara, eyeliners, eyebrows, lips, lipstick and mascara. Try not to skimp on cosmetics if you want to achieve stunning results. Travesty artists use special makeup. In a domestic environment, you will not need it. And you can buy cosmetics without shame in specialized stores. When purchasing a product, look at the expiration date.

Step 5

Pre-watch the video tutorials on social networks or on the youtube channel on creating an image. There are a great many groups for transvestites.

Step 6

Allocate a few hours to the ritual of reincarnation, turn off your phone, tune in to a meeting with the beautiful.

Step 7

The first step is to shave as cleanly as possible. Rest your irritated face. Start by shaping the eyes, apply eye shadow, and add eyeliner. Before applying eyeshadow, a make-up base should be applied to the eyelids. Many makeup artists advise using foundation as a base under the eyeshadow, which will make them brighter and more saturated.

Step 8

The next step is dressing up. Changing clothes is preceded by applying foundation to your face, as there is a possibility of splashing it on a new dress.

Step 9

Enjoy the moment when you put on women's panties and stockings. Put on your dress, and again to the mirror!

Step 10

Finish your eyes, paint your eyelashes with mascara. If a little smudged, gently remove the mascara from the face with cream. Form your eyebrows, if they are not thick, with an eyebrow pencil. It is better to pre-seal thick eyebrows with a special plaster or paint over with a tonal pencil, and then re-draw on top.

Step 11

Start applying the foundation. Let it soak in.

Step 12

The foundation is spread over the face and hammered into the skin. Your task is to close the pores with the cream, to straighten the face. Of course, the face will resemble a mask, but the alternative to the translucent blue from the stubble is much worse.

Step 13

Further, with dry correctors, bring your transformed face to the ideal shape. The ideal face shape is oval. On the Internet, you can pre-download the scheme for applying the corrector.

Step 14

Lips. Apply a little bit of foundation on them to paint over the contour, and then outline with a lip liner, increasing or vice versa decreasing. Powder and blush.

Step 15

Your face is a canvas and you are an artist. Do not be discouraged if the first time you get Thekla. Repeat the experiment and you will achieve a meeting with Marlene Dietrich.

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