What Is The Full Name Of A Woman Named Pasha

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What Is The Full Name Of A Woman Named Pasha
What Is The Full Name Of A Woman Named Pasha
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The full name of the woman who is affectionately called Pasha is Praskovya. This is a name of Greek origin, which means "Friday", "the eve of the holiday", "preparation". Other forms of this name: Parasha, Pronya, Panya, church - Paraskeva. There is also a male name Paraskev, paired with Praskovya. But it is rarely used now.

What is the full name of a woman named Pasha
What is the full name of a woman named Pasha

Origin of the name

The name Praskovya comes from the Greek word "paraskeve". According to the "Catholic Encyclopedia", the Greek-speaking church writers in the biblical texts called this term the day preceding the holiday - Saturday. Apparently, at first this term meant only half of the day used to prepare for the holiday. The name later spread to the whole of Friday.

The word "paraskeve" was also used to designate the eve of major celebrations, the largest of which in the ancient "Promised Land" was Easter. The use of this word in the Gospels gives rise to controversy regarding the actual date of the crucifixion of the Savior.

All four evangelists claim that Jesus Christ was executed on the day of paraskeve. However, evangelical forecasters, as Mark, Matthew and Luke are called, point to the day of preparation for Easter - Nisan 15. And the Evangelist John points to the day of preparation for Saturday - Nisan 14.

Famous people named Praskovya

Many famous people bore the name Praskovya. So in Orthodoxy, Saint Paraskeva the Great is highly revered, who lived according to legend in the 2nd century AD in Rome and was tortured during the reign of Emperor Marcus Aurelius.

Paraskeva (Petka) Novaya is considered the heavenly patroness of Moldova and Romania. According to legend, she lived in the 11th century in Byzantium and fully dedicated herself to God through fasting and prayer. She is also loved by Orthodox believers in Serbia, Bulgaria and Macedonia. In Romania, she is often called Saint Venus. The cult of Saint Petka took on the features of this pagan goddess, who patronized, among other things, the day of Friday.

They bore the name Praskovya and the royal persons. Praskovya Fyodorovna was the name of the wife of Tsar Ivan Alekseevich, the elder brother of Peter the Great. She is known as the mother of the Empress Anna Ivanovna and the grandmother of the ruler Anna Leopoldovna. At birth, Praskovya was also named the first wife of Peter the Great himself from the Lopukhin family. True, in marriage, she began to be called Evdokia, and after taking monastic vows - Elena.

In Soviet times, the name of Pasha Angelina was on everyone's lips - the shock worker of the production, twice Hero of Socialist Labor. Praskovya Nikitichna became famous during the first five-year plans as a woman tractor driver, organizer and leader of the country's first female tractor brigade. She became a central figure in a campaign for the technical education of women.

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