Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 27th Lunar Day

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Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 27th Lunar Day
Lunar Calendar: Recommendations For The 27th Lunar Day
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The mood, activity and state of health are influenced not only by the phases of the moon - much also depends on the day of the lunar cycle. On other days, it is better to act quickly and without unnecessary hesitation, any work is good, any undertakings are successful. Other days are more for leisurely reflection, summing up, being alone.

Lunar calendar: recommendations for the 27th lunar day
Lunar calendar: recommendations for the 27th lunar day

Characteristics of the 27th lunar day

The symbols of this day are the anchor and trident of Neptune, emphasizing the ambiguity of the energy of the day: on the one hand, the trident symbolizes a changeable element, on the other hand, the anchor acts as a sign of hope, support on solid ground. The emotional state on this day easily changes, even practical and down-to-earth people are characterized by some absent-mindedness and sentimentality.

On the twenty-seventh lunar day, intuition is unusually sharpened, secret knowledge is revealed, unexpected insights are possible.

The day is favorable for the distribution of debts, including intangible ones. But it is better not to start new business on this day, not to sign contracts and not to conclude deals - it is better to wait a few days before the new moon.

The 27th lunar day contributes to any kind of learning, travel, including travel by water, but you should be more careful on the way, otherwise the inability to concentrate and excessive trust in external landmarks can play a bad joke with you.

How to spend the 27th lunar day?

It is better to spend this lunar day in warm communication with loved ones, it is good if they are representatives of the older generation. Conflicts should be avoided - even an insignificant quarrel from scratch can turn into a real storm.

It is better to put aside everyday affairs and problems that do not require immediate solutions, and take a walk by the water, listen to relaxing music, think not about the essentials, but about the eternal. It is not worth planning a wedding for this day - the mood is too changeable for the solemn event to fully delight.

Water procedures on this day will bring health benefits, but it is better to refuse swimming in open reservoirs, especially if the water in them is cold. If you fall ill on the 27th lunar day, then the illness will not last long and will end in full recovery, even if you do not use potent medications.

Fasting and cleansing fasts on this day are not contraindicated. Alcohol and acidic foods should be avoided; fish dishes will be more beneficial than meat dishes.

Many people experience unusual sleepiness on this day. Dreams of the 27th lunar day often bring answers even to those questions that you were afraid to ask yourself - pay attention to the signs and imperceptible details. You should not turn to hypnotists, magicians and psychics today, their answers and recommendations may be far from the present state of affairs.

It is better to postpone a haircut - on these days, the reflection in the mirror is often distorted, one's own appearance is perceived as less attractive. Even if the new hairstyle is good, the impression of it can be ruined.

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