How To Write A Thank You Letter To Parents

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How To Write A Thank You Letter To Parents
How To Write A Thank You Letter To Parents

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When children are in school or are already becoming adults, but continue to prove themselves in the team and bring social benefits, teachers or army commanders can express gratitude to their parents in the form of a thank you letter. Children themselves can write a letter of thanks to their parents, congratulating them on their next wedding anniversary. This form of gratitude is good because it has a material embodiment and these kind words can always be read with pleasure many times.

How to write a thank you letter to parents
How to write a thank you letter to parents

It is necessary

  • - a beautiful postcard or a special form;
  • - colored helium pen;
  • - a simple pencil;
  • - ruler.


Step 1

At a stationery store, buy a postcard or thank you letterhead that is beautifully designed and framed. With a finely sharpened simple pencil, use a ruler to mark the field for the inscription and trace it, pressing lightly so that the lines of text that you write later are even and beautiful.

Step 2

Write a letter of thanks "by hand". For this, of course, you will have to spend more effort than printing it on a printer, but it will look less "official". It is better to use a helium pen or a fine-writing felt-tip pen for writing, it can be red in color to make the letter look more "solemn". Try to keep the letters straight when writing.

Step 3

Start it with the address "Dear" and be sure to call your parents by name and patronymic, if you are writing from the school staff. Children who congratulate them on their wedding anniversary, of course, can write more simply: "Dear mom and dad!"

Step 4

The main text of the letter, if you are writing it on behalf of the team, start with words of gratitude and indication of the specific merits and mental qualities of the child that you want to note and for the upbringing of which you want to thank the parents. Try not to be too lengthy, do without pretentious words and clericalism. He should feel sincerity and a warm attitude towards parents who have managed to invest in their child those qualities that make him useful to society.

Step 5

The text of the letter of thanks must be signed by those representatives of the team on behalf of whom the gratitude is expressed. Usually, a signature stamp is not required, even if the letter is official and written on behalf of the organization. Check the letter for clues and spelling errors, because if it is hung on the wall as a well-deserved reward, then you will be uncomfortable for your carelessness.

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