How To Remove Grease From Paper

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How To Remove Grease From Paper
How To Remove Grease From Paper

Video: How To Remove Grease From Paper

Video: How To Remove Grease From Paper
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A bold spot on an important document, a blank scrapbook or on paper wallpaper - this happens, especially when a child is growing up in the house. Cheer up - you can get rid of this trouble with the help of readily available improvised means. But to remove the greasy stain from the paper, you have to be patient.

How to remove grease from paper
How to remove grease from paper


  • Iron
  • Blotting paper (napkin)
  • Paper
  • Piece of white flannel
  • Brush
  • White bread
  • a piece of chalk
  • Dentifrice
  • White clay
  • Potato starch
  • Petrol
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Minutka pasta


Step 1

Cover the grease stain with blotting (maybe toilet) paper or a napkin and iron with an iron, replacing it as the litter is soaked in grease. You can simply put a blotter or napkin on the wet fat and press it down with a press. This is the easiest way to remove grease from paper, but usually only works on fresh dirt.

Step 2

Try cleaning up a grease stain with white school chalk. It needs to be ground into powder and poured into an even layer on contamination. Place a piece of paper on top and iron through it with a hot iron. Change the chalk to dry as it soaks.

Step 3

Make a gruel out of chalk and water if you can't remove the dry fat from the paper. Lubricate the stain with the resulting paste and iron through the paper backing again.

Step 4

Chalk powder can be mixed with white clay and gasoline: spread the resulting paste over the stain and let dry. Then brush it off. Instead of chalk, you can use tooth powder.

Step 5

A mixture of chalk and other components can be left on the fat for three days, then peel off the crust with the crumb of wheat bread.

Step 6

Try sprinkling potato starch onto paper and rubbing it with a damp flannel cloth. Repeat the operation until the fat is absorbed. But this method is only suitable for thick paper. Try not to make strong rubbing movements so as not to tear the paper sheet.

Step 7

Mix refined gasoline and burnt magnesia (magnesium oxide) - a few drops per 5 g. Magnesium acts as a good sorbent. It is necessary to grease the grease spot with the mixture and wait for the gasoline to evaporate. This usually helps to deal with even old grease stains on the paper. Of course, if the gasoline smell doesn't bother you, you can get your hands on magnesium.

Step 8

Clean greasy paper wallpaper with fresh wheat bread. Place the crumb over the stain, rubbing it lightly into the stained coating. When the bread has absorbed fat, remove it and replace it with fresh one. But with a hot iron and blotting paper on the wallpaper, you need to be careful - there is a chance that they will unstick and sag.

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