How To Process The Edge Of The Glass

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How To Process The Edge Of The Glass
How To Process The Edge Of The Glass

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After you have cut off the desired piece of glass, you need to process its edge. This procedure does not take much time, but it requires accuracy and attention. So how do you finish the glass edge?

How to process the edge of the glass
How to process the edge of the glass


Step 1

To make the edge of the glass as smooth as possible, you need to cut it off correctly. When cutting, hold the cutter vertical to the glass, pressing it down with your index finger. With a glass cutter, run along a flat strip or insulating tape. Start cutting from the far end. Slide the cutter towards you, pressing evenly on the surface. Do it only once. Before breaking off the glass, place matches at the end of the notch. Gently tap the notch with a hammer, so it turns into an even break.

Step 2

After cutting, proceed to processing the glass edge. After cutting, the glass has protrusions and notches, as well as sharp edges. It is better to process the edge of the glass on special machines, but this method cannot be applied at home.

Step 3

Take a file, velvet is suitable for thin glass, for thick glass it is better to take a personal one. Place a small jar of kerosene or turpentine nearby to keep the file wet. You can also use a solution of camphor in turpentine in a ratio of 1 to 10. Use emery and carborundum from the whetstones; by the way, the latter need not be wetted.

Step 4

Start filing the glass along the edge. Work very carefully, especially with thin material. To get a straight edge, slide the glass back and forth over the surface of the bar. Continuously wet the tool in the prepared composition.

Step 5

Use old emery blocks and old files for this job, as the sanding process creates scratches on the blocks and dulls the file.

Step 6

To get the job done, you can also take a block of wood and wrap it with sandpaper. Use coarse first, then change to a finer one. Make sure that when processing the ends do not touch the very surface of the glass, otherwise scratches will appear on it.

Step 7

Work on the processing of the edge of the glass must be carried out in cotton gloves, and it is better to wear protective glasses to protect the eyes.

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