How To Disassemble A Bicycle Fork

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How To Disassemble A Bicycle Fork
How To Disassemble A Bicycle Fork

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A bicycle fork is a device that connects the frame of a bicycle to the front wheel. It consists of three tubes connected to each other in the shape of the letter "y". The fork allows you to rotate the wheel by choosing the direction of travel. In addition, a handlebar is attached at the top of the fork, with which you can rotate the fork.

How to disassemble a bicycle fork
How to disassemble a bicycle fork

It is necessary

  • - Spanners;
  • - pliers;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - small sliding gas wrench.


Step 1

Usually, the fork is removed only when the bearings in the steering column are worn out. Place the bike on a level surface with the support against the wall. Match the wrench to the head of the bolt located in the middle of the handlebar. With this bolt, the handlebars are bolted to the fork.

Step 2

Unscrew this bolt, it is long enough and screwed into the flare nut located inside the top tube of the yoke. Take out the bolt. Loosen the handlebar and remove it from the fork tube.

Step 3

Now you need to remove the fork tube from the frame cylinder. Take the gas wrench and unscrew the trim nut located on the top of the frame cylinder, the fork tube goes through this cylinder. You can, of course, unscrew this nut with a special wrench, but, as a rule, it is very difficult for them to do this.

Step 4

Remove the bearing after unscrewing this nut. Usually it collapses, balls fall out of their mounts. Remove the fork tube from the frame cylinder. Below you will see another bearing, carefully remove it and put it to the side.

Step 5

Take a screwdriver and unscrew the bolt holding the wheel fender at the top, usually this bolt is located on the frame cylinder. Then do the same with the bolts holding the fender wire holder.

Step 6

Take out the wing. Then loosen the nuts that secure the fork to the wheel. Release the plug. That's all. Now you just have to change the bearings, lubricate everything with lithol and put it back together.

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