How To Return An Electronic Ticket

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How To Return An Electronic Ticket
How To Return An Electronic Ticket

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With the development of Internet technologies, it became possible to purchase goods and services at a distance. Air carriers have not lagged behind the progress, having introduced a very convenient novelty - an electronic ticket. Now it is enough for a person to take his passport with him - all the data on the ticket are entered into the computer database, and you can not be afraid of losing it. But the question arises, how can such a ticket be returned if necessary?

How to return an electronic ticket
How to return an electronic ticket

It is necessary

  • - a computer;
  • - access to the Internet;
  • - telephone;
  • - Bank account.


Step 1

Review the conditions for exchanging and refunding your ticket. Such data may have been sent to you by e-mail along with the ticket. If you do not have them, find them on the airline's website in the section on buying tickets.

There are many similarities between airline terms. For example, if a ticket was purchased at a special promotion or at the cheapest fare, it most likely cannot be returned, but can only be exchanged for a ticket for another flight. Also, the less time remains before departure, the greater the amount of the airline's commission will be, in the event that it is possible to return the ticket.

Step 2

Contact the airline if you bought a ticket from one of their offices. In this case, an electronic ticket is returned in the same way as a paper ticket. Upon presentation of your passport, your ticket will be canceled, and the cost of the flight minus the commission from the airline will return to your account after some time. There is no need to hand over a printed copy of an electronic ticket - by itself it does not have the validity of a travel document if you are not in the database of those who bought a ticket for a certain flight.

Step 3

When ordering a flight with a travel agency, the situation changes. If you bought tickets together with the tour, then, therefore, returning the ticket, you cancel the entire trip. In this case, the amount of commissions depends on what was written in the contract signed by the tour operator and you when buying the tour. The money, as in the case of the airline, most likely will not be returned to you immediately.

Step 4

When buying a ticket on the online booking site, the situation is more complicated, since you cannot just come to the office of the organization in person. To return the ticket, you will need to call the phone number listed on the website for such an event. Inform the operator that you wish to return the ticket and follow their instructions. It is also advisable to have a computer with Internet access in front of you, since you may be sent a letter to your e-mail box with the need to confirm the cancellation of the flight.

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