How Does The Registry Office Differ From The Wedding Palace

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How Does The Registry Office Differ From The Wedding Palace
How Does The Registry Office Differ From The Wedding Palace
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Many people, especially girls who dream of going down the aisle as soon as possible, associate the name "REGISTRY OFFICE" exclusively with weddings. This abbreviation is even used as a synonym for "Wedding Palace". Meanwhile, the difference between these establishments is very significant. The difference between the registry office and the wedding palace lies in the functions that these institutions perform.

Hall in the Wedding Palace
Hall in the Wedding Palace

Registry Office

The full and correct name of the Civil Registry Office is the Civil Registry Office. This is an executive body whose task is to register all changes in civil status, and marriage is not the only such change.

People are born, establish paternity, adopt and adopt children, change their first and last names (this is not always associated with marriage), and die. Marriages, unfortunately, are not only concluded, but also dissolved. All this must be registered in the registry office.

This institution issues certificates of birth, divorce, name change, death. In some cases, the registry office only records the facts on the basis of the documents submitted. For example, the birth of a child is registered on the basis of a certificate from the maternity hospital, a death certificate - on the basis of a medical report, a divorce certificate - on the basis of a court decision or a copy of it. The conclusion of marriage and the change of name and surname are carried out directly by the registry office.

Matrimonial Palace

The wedding palaces are not involved in the registration of newborns or the issuance of death certificates. They have only one function - marriage. They are subdivisions of departments of the registry office, but with a narrower specialization.

It is possible to register a marriage in an "icy atmosphere" in the usual registry office, but those who need a solemn ceremony should use the services of the Wedding Palace. Everything is there for such ceremonies. There is a hall where documents are signed in a solemn atmosphere and passports are issued with a mark of marriage, the bride's room, where you can properly make the last preparations for the ceremony.

Wedding palaces themselves hire ensembles for musical accompaniment of solemn ceremonies.

Sometimes Wedding Palaces are located in rather large buildings, where there are banquet halls, wedding dress shops, beauty salons, jewelry rental offices for wedding cars, jewelry salons, photographers - in short, everything you need to organize a wedding. Of course, not all Wedding Palaces work with such a "scale", but some minimum of services for organizing a solemn ceremony are always provided there.

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