Signs And Superstitions About Mirrors

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Signs And Superstitions About Mirrors
Signs And Superstitions About Mirrors

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Since ancient times, people have attributed various magical properties to mirrors. They are used for fortune telling, rituals and opening portals to a parallel world. The mystery that mirrors carry in themselves has given rise to many superstitions and signs. Believe in them or not - it's up to you.

Signs and superstitions about mirrors
Signs and superstitions about mirrors

Mirrors are capable of storing and reflecting energy. In this case, it does not matter at all what it is: positive or negative. It is this property of mirrors that underlies most superstitions.

Bad omens

Cracked and shattered mirrors are the biggest concerns people have. According to the omen, you cannot look in them. Better yet, get them out of the house altogether. This superstition has a simple rationale: chips and cracks emit a very powerful negative energy. It harms a person and can even cause temporary shifts. There were cases when, after prolonged use of a broken mirror, a person began to age abruptly or, conversely, felt several years younger.

You can't let someone else look in your pocket mirror. When moving to a new home, you need to get rid of the mirrors left over from the former owners. These superstitions are also explained by the ability of mirrors to accumulate energy. It is not recommended to hang mirrors in the bedroom and bathroom in such a way that a bathing or sleeping person is reflected in them. This can lead to a deterioration in his health. The bride on her wedding day should not allow her friends to stand in front of her in front of the mirror, they can take the groom away.

The mirror is a kind of portal to the other world. So that the soul of a deceased person does not remain in the world of the living, all mirrors in his house must be curtained with a dense fabric. Also, you should not bring children under one year old to the mirror. According to superstition, they see much more adults and can get scared when they meet with evil spirits.

Good omens

When talking about mirrors, bad omens often come to mind. However, there are good ones. For example, to protect a baby from the evil eye and malicious intent of strangers, you need to hang a small mirrored pendant on his chest. It will reflect negative energy by returning it to its owner.

If, leaving the house, you forgot something and are forced to return, you need to look in the mirror at the entrance. This will scare away evil spirits. In order for you to be lucky in life, you need to look in the mirror only in a good mood, pronouncing positive attitudes “I am a happy person,” “I love life, and life loves me,” etc. Such a mirror will play the role of a charged talisman.

If you don't feel like parting with your old mirror, you can clean it. During Epiphany, take a spruce branch, dip it in holy water and cross the mirror with a spray. Then wipe it with a clean cloth dipped in the same water, while reading a prayer.

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