What Is A Nude Beach

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What Is A Nude Beach
What Is A Nude Beach

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The nudist beach is a special place for swimming, where supporters of nudism, a social movement that preaches naturalness in everything, gather. In their behavior on the beach, their beliefs are expressed in the absence of clothes.

What is a nude beach
What is a nude beach

A beach is usually called a coastal strip covered with sand or pebbles, which is intended for swimming and sunbathing. At the same time, the nudist beach is a special place for swimming: people gather here who prefer to sunbathe and swim without clothes.

Origin of the term

The adjective "nudist" used to denote this type of beach in Russian is a derivative of the noun "nudism". The latter, in turn, is used to designate a social movement, the main idea of ​​which is the maximum closeness of man to nature in all its manifestations.

The appearance of this term in Russian is usually associated with the English root "nude", which literally means "naked", "naked". It is precisely this semantic content of this term that can hardly be called accidental: after all, it is precisely the nudity in the bosom of nature as an act of unity with her that is considered among the fans of nudism as one of the main ways of expressing their beliefs.

At the same time, other variants of the term used to designate this social movement are the words "naturism" or "naturalism". They are often used synonymously. They, in turn, come from the English word "nature", which translates as "nature."

Nudist beaches

Thus, a nude beach is a place near the water, where it is customary to be completely nude. At the same time, as a rule, being in clothes on such a beach is socially condemned, since it violates the norms established here.

In a number of countries around the world, there are officially allowed nudist beaches, where being naked is a must for all people present here. However, in Russia, nudist beaches, as a rule, are spontaneous and are formed on the basis of many years of practice of people staying without clothes in one place or another near the water. Most often they are located in relatively secluded places in order not to disturb public order and not attract undue attention.

At the same time, from the point of view of the current legislation, being in a public place without clothes, however, is a violation of the established rules, and therefore law enforcement agencies, as a rule, seek to eliminate such violations by issuing appropriate instructions. Therefore, the presence of nudist beaches in Russia is a kind of compromise between the desire of people to act in accordance with their beliefs and the unofficial tolerance of law enforcement agencies towards such places.

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