Needles Stuck Over The Door - What Is It?

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Needles Stuck Over The Door - What Is It?
Needles Stuck Over The Door - What Is It?

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Needles stuck over the door can be a sign of induced damage or protection. It all depends on what they are talking about. In order not to harm yourself and your family, you need to handle them very carefully.

Needles stuck over the door - what is it?
Needles stuck over the door - what is it?

Corruption or protection?

Sticking charmed needles over the door of an enemy or rival is one of the simplest and relatively effective methods of spoiling. In some cases, it is enough at the time of placing the needles mentally from the bottom of my heart to wish a person evil, however, conspiracies that have proven their effectiveness are usually used.

This type of damage has been used since ancient times, but the same needles are also used to protect against otherworldly creatures and human malice, the principle of their action is the same as that of pins from the evil eye. If you suddenly find a needle in the jamb of a door, first of all ask your family if any of them tried to protect your house in this way.

If you want to protect your home with iron on your own, it is better to stick a knife over the door and cover it with some picture or framed photograph. You need to stick a knife in the jamb with a request for protection from evil people and otherworldly creatures, this is the simplest way to protect your family and home from negative magical influences.


Once you find the needle above the door and find out that your family did not put it there, the first step is to calm down. This type of spoilage is quite effective, but it takes a long time to "turn around" in full force. If a noticeable black streak has not come in your life, most likely the negative magical effect of the needles has not yet affected you.

Remember that in no case should you touch the needle with your bare hands. Use regular rubber gloves to pull the needle out. If it's pushed hard enough into the door, use a pair of tongs, tweezers, or pliers. Please note that the handles of the instrument should not be metal, since any metal conducts negative energy very well.

After that, ignite the needle over a flame red hot or throw it into an open fire, which must be kindled outside the house. A burnt needle is best discarded at the nearest intersection. Note that an open flame is a little more effective, so if there are several needles above your door, it is best to use it. After these simple procedures, damage will not be able to affect you. After the ritual, it is advisable to pray according to the canons of your religion.

Even if you are sure that you know a person who could wish you harm and damage you, do not try to impose damage or evil eye on him on your own or with the help of experienced magicians and sorcerers, as this will not lead to anything good.

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