How To Determine The Size For Skis

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How To Determine The Size For Skis
How To Determine The Size For Skis

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For every skier, his equipment is often a matter of special pride. But the presence of a well-known brand is not enough. For comfortable skiing, you need to choose the right size. This applies to both alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. The parameters that should be considered when choosing a size are the athlete's weight and height.

How to determine the size for skis
How to determine the size for skis


Step 1

Determine the specific conditions in which you intend to ride. As for downhill skiing, when choosing sizes, you should focus on several options. The choice of ski length will be determined not only by the weight of the athlete, but also by the level of technique, a specific ski model, their rigidity, as well as the characteristics of the slope.

Step 2

For a simplified calculation of the size of the skis used when skiing on the ski slope, use approximate calculations. So, for most male athletes with a weight of 60 to 100 kg and a height of 165-190 cm, skis with a length of 165 cm (they are good with a short turn) or 170-175 cm (this length is convenient for a medium or large arc) are suitable. For women with a weight of 45-75 kg and a height of 150-180 cm, the main sizes will range from 155-165 cm.

Step 3

Choose skis shorter than the standard by 5-10 cm if you plan to ski on well-prepared slopes or on gentle and short slopes. Also, reduce the length of the skis if your height is shorter than indicated in the main size. If you are a beginner and prefer a leisurely and cautious skiing, long skis are also unnecessary.

Step 4

If you are taller than 190 cm, lengthen the length by 10 cm. It is also required when skiing on long slopes or high steepness. If the surface of the slope has features, for example, when you have to ski in deep snow, choose skis even longer in length.

Step 5

For a more accurate determination of the optimal ski length, depending on the weight, use the table below.

How to determine the size for skis
How to determine the size for skis

Step 6

When choosing cross-country skis, consider your height first. For movement in a classic move, choose skis whose length is equal to the distance from the floor to the middle of the palm of your outstretched hand. For free ("skate") skiing, the skis should be significantly shorter. The exact length of skis for skating will also depend on your technique and experience. It is best to choose a size for cross-country skiing empirically.

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