How To Choose The Size Of Alpine Skis

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How To Choose The Size Of Alpine Skis
How To Choose The Size Of Alpine Skis

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Skiing is a rather extreme sport and the most common winter hobby for adults and children today. The success of skiing depends, first of all, on the right equipment and equipment for skiing. Surely, having decided to buy alpine skis and come to the appropriate sports store, any person becomes a face in front of a problem, how to choose the size of alpine skis, what criteria to take into account and what parameters should be relied on.

How to choose the size of alpine skis
How to choose the size of alpine skis


Step 1

First of all, you should know that alpine skiing is represented by a wide variety of models, depending on the chosen type of movement. So, alpine skiing is for racing, ski-cross, freeride and carving. Depending on the type, the choice of the size of the skis is also made, and for this it is necessary to perform the following steps.

Step 2

Measure your exact height. Calculate the size of alpine skis depending on the destination. This should be done as follows: For beginners.

Take your height and subtract 2-3 centimeters from it. The resulting length should be skis. For freeriding.

Take your height and add 5 centimeters to it or subtract them, that is, the person's height is taken plus or minus 5 cm. For racing, that is, skis for professionals, which are designed for descending steep slopes and sports tracks.

Step 3

Take your height data and subtract 10-15 centimeters. Remember, if skis are chosen for slalom, then it is important that they are provided with small (7-15 mm in radius) god cutouts.

Step 4

For carving, that is, skis for downhill skiing on special, professionally prepared slopes. Such skis are chosen with the following calculation:

- the width at the narrowest point should be 65-68 mm.

- the length should be 15-20 centimeters less than the height of the athlete-skier.

Step 5

If you buy skis for a child, you should not purchase sports equipment for growth, it will be very inconvenient for a child to ride on such skis, and the learning process will be long. When choosing children's skis, rely on the child's age and height. Remember, for babies, the length of the skis should be up to the elbows. For school-age children, the length of skis is chosen according to the following calculations: - for 10-20 kg of body weight - the length of skis is 70-80 cm;

- for 20-30 kg of body weight - ski length 90 cm;

- for 30-40 kg of body weight - the length of skis is 100 cm;

- more than 40 kg of body weight - skis that reach the tip of the child's nose.

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