How To Open The Topaz Safe

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How To Open The Topaz Safe
How To Open The Topaz Safe
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Today it is very important to have a place where you can store the most valuable things and papers, money, wills, business contracts and much more. The topaz safe is popular in the domestic market. It is equipped with a unique security system that will protect your savings and valuables from unauthorized entry.

How to open the topaz safe
How to open the topaz safe


Step 1

As a rule, the sales package contains an instruction manual for the topaz safe. It describes in detail all the problems associated with the operation of devices such as the topaz bsd 510 safe. Typically, the factory access code for the safe is 50 25 50. To open the safe, rotate the dial counterclockwise and set the number 50 against the working mark. Then repeat this procedure 4 times. Then rotate the disc clockwise and set the number 25 on the working mark. Repeat the procedure three times. Then rotate the disc counterclockwise and set it opposite the number 50. Repeat 2 times. After all the actions taken, the safe should open. In the event that you accidentally make a mistake while opening the safe and it does not open, repeat all the steps again. Such a long procedure for opening the safe was invented by the developers specifically in order to minimize the likelihood of it being hacked by robbers and thieves.

Step 2

The topaz fireproof safe has thick walls made of high-strength metal. This eliminates the possibility of unauthorized entry into the safe using an electric drill or a gas burner. As a rule, the topaz bsd 670 safe is mounted in the wall and covered with a picture on top or a cabinet is placed in its place. Such actions not only make it possible to hide the location of the safe, but also increase the security of its contents, since the safe first needs to be found in order to break it later.

Step 3

Use the safe space to store the most valuable things, on the safety of which your financial well-being depends. The high strength topaz safe is almost impossible to crack. That is why he is so popular with many wealthy people. At the moment, there are many companies that sell and install these safes. Call one of these companies and talk to a professional about the best safe to get. Immediately after payment, the safe you have chosen will be delivered to your home, where you can start installing it yourself or ask experienced specialists to do it.

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