How To Choose A Safe For Storing Weapons

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How To Choose A Safe For Storing Weapons
How To Choose A Safe For Storing Weapons

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If you decide to purchase a weapon for hunting or self-defense, you will need a specially equipped safe to store it. The requirements for the technical characteristics of such a storage facility are determined by the legislation on weapons and the instructions of the internal affairs bodies. The choice of a particular safe depends on several factors.

How to choose a safe for storing weapons
How to choose a safe for storing weapons

General requirements for a safe for storing weapons

The safe in which you intend to store weapons and ammunition must be such as to guarantee the safety and security of the contents, as well as the safety of others.

First, decide what kind of weapon and in what quantity you intend to store. This will determine the size of the safe you need and its internal structure. It makes sense to get a high-capacity cabinet in case you want to expand your arsenal and buy another hunting rifle.

Be sure to consider the linear dimensions of the weapon. Make sure it fits freely into the safe.

Examine the inside of the safe. It is desirable that it have additional compartments for storing ammunition and a shelf for weapons accessories. A versatile multi-seat safe is very convenient, in which you can also store documents. The ammunition compartment must be closed with a separate lock.

Weapon safe locks

Pay attention to the reliability of the locking devices with which the safe is equipped. The type and quality of the locks will determine how easily unauthorized persons can gain access to the weapon. And for the owner of the weapon, if necessary, the convenience of the castle can become a decisive factor that can preserve life and health.

Today on the market there are standard safes with conventional locks that are unlikely to be able to provide the required reliability. Therefore, it is better to spend time and money to select and buy a good safe with latch or lever type locks.

It is even better if the cabinet for storing weapons will be equipped with an electronic combination lock. These types of locking mechanisms have a service life of one and a half to two decades and can guarantee flawless operation with 30-40 thousand openings.

For greater reliability, it is recommended to choose a safe with hidden internal hinges and a three-sided transom system.

Weapon safe: safety and reliability

When choosing a safe, consider the thickness of the material from which the case is made. Cheap models have a wall thickness of one and a half millimeters, which is clearly not enough to ensure the safety of the weapon. Reliable storages are made of high-quality steel sheet 3-5 mm thick. But if you are looking for maximum reliability, look for a safe that has a two-layer case design.

Ask in what way the safe you like will be mounted in the place of its installation. According to current regulations, a drawer or cabinet for storing weapons should be fixed to the floor and wall. For this purpose, the device must have the appropriate mounting holes and the fasteners supplied with the safe.

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