What To Do If All Chakras Are Closed

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What To Do If All Chakras Are Closed
What To Do If All Chakras Are Closed

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According to Eastern traditions, chakras are the most important energy centers of the body, human health, his talents, capabilities, character directly depend on their openness. The closed chakras can be opened; there are special exercises for this.

What to do if all chakras are closed
What to do if all chakras are closed

There are seven main chakras located along the spine, a detailed description can be found in the relevant literature. Full opening of the chakras gives a person access to numerous talents and opportunities. In addition, health is significantly improved, character changes for the better.

Each chakra has its own purpose, which means that it determines the aspirations and needs corresponding to it. Ignoring these needs, a person automatically closes the chakras. For example, the practice of sexual abstinence, which is common in some religions, causes the lower chakras to close. Which, in turn, negatively affects human health and longevity. At the same time, in a number of other schools

It is believed that the "base" desires of a person cannot be ignored, they must simply be transferred to a higher spiritual level. It is this path, in particular, that is realized in tantric practices.

Thus, for the correct harmonious opening of the chakras, it is necessary to focus on the highest aspirations corresponding to these energy centers.

Chakra opening methods

There are several main ways to open the chakras, the best result is achieved when they are used together.

1. The first method has already been mentioned above - it is necessary to choose the highest and purest aspirations in everything. This, in turn, will automatically open your chakras, and very smoothly and harmoniously. For example, to open the heart chakra - anahata - try to act in everything from the position of love. Always ask yourself the question: "What would a loving person do in this case?" - and act accordingly.

2. Meditation on the chakras. Each chakra has its own color, sound and image. All this information can be found on the net. For the simplest form of meditation, color is sufficient. For example, the color of ajna (third eye chakra) is blue. To accurately determine the color, remember how the gas burns - this is the shade of blue you need.

It is best to meditate while sitting with your legs crossed in a position that is comfortable for you. But it is also possible to meditate before going to bed, already lying in bed. This option has its advantages - at night you will have vivid beautiful dreams, and someone may even fall into a lucid dream.

During meditation, concentrate alternately on the chakras, starting with mooladhara and ending with ajna. Try to see in your mind's eye at the location of the chakra a glowing energy ball (the size of a tennis ball) of the corresponding color. For mooladhara it will be red, for svadhisthana it will be orange, etc. Concentrate on the chakra for about five minutes, then move on to the next one.

3. To open the chakras, you can use the help of a spiritual mentor who knows how to work with energies. But this method has its drawbacks - if the chakras were opened by someone, they will close again without further own work. Therefore, it is better to work on opening energy centers on your own.

Dangers of Chakra Opening

When a person fully opens some chakra, he becomes open to the corresponding external energies. They can be very powerful and cause even purely physical suffering. That is why the opening of the chakras must be very gradual.

Some spirit guides recommend opening the chakras in order from the highest to the lowest. This has its own logic - by opening the upper chakras, which are responsible for spiritual development, it will be much easier for you to cope with the rather aggressive energies of the lower chakras.In any case, it is best to open the chakras under the supervision of an experienced person who has already gone this way.

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