All About The Cactus As A Houseplant

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All About The Cactus As A Houseplant
All About The Cactus As A Houseplant

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Few can leave indifferent such an original, graceful and, of course, beautiful plant like a cactus. This evergreen splendor, covered with formidable thorns, harmoniously complements the interior of the room, but it is especially unique during the flowering period.


Cacti are quite unpretentious indoor plants and even a novice florist can keep them at home. However, in order to grow a healthy plant, you should have an idea of ​​some of the nuances regarding the correct content of cacti. We are talking about the temperature regime at which the cactus feels most comfortable; about the correct watering and about the choice of soil.

Comfort temperature

Cactus is a thermophilic plant, but it is quite resistant to coolness, as well as to sharp temperature fluctuations. The cactus feels great in the winter months of the year - provided that the temperature in the room in which the plant is kept does not drop below 6-8 degrees Celsius.

The cactus is afraid of dry air, it can also get sick in the presence of drafts in the room. If there is such an opportunity, then this plant is best placed on the windowsills of the southern windows - where there is more light. Lack of lighting can cause the cactus to wilt, deform the stem and the appearance of all kinds of diseases.

A cactus can bloom only if a stable temperature (18-20 degrees) is maintained in the room. Frequent airing of the room can significantly accelerate the appearance of beautiful flowers on cactus stems, since this plant is very fond of fresh air and does not tolerate stagnant air.

Proper watering

Cactus is a plant that does not require intensive watering and feels comfortable even in dry soil. What is really detrimental to a cactus is frequent watering, which can cause stagnation of water in the container.

In the winter months, the plant should be watered very rarely - no more than twice a month. For irrigation, it is advisable to use only soft water - rain or melt. When watering with hard tap water, excess salts can accumulate on the base of the cactus stems, which do not affect the development of the plant in the best way.

Soil for cactus

You should use special soil for cacti, you can buy it at any gardening store. Basically, the cactus grows at home on slightly acidic, loose soils (ph = 4, 5-6). When planting a plant, the soil must be thoroughly loosened in order to provide air and water access to its root system.

If it is not possible to purchase special soil for keeping a cactus, you can use ordinary leafy soil for these purposes (dig up in the spring in a park or in a birch grove). It is advisable to add a little rotted manure to the earthen soil (as an organic fertilizer) and coarse sand (to absorb excess moisture and loosen it).

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