How To Show A Photo To The Whole World

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How To Show A Photo To The Whole World
How To Show A Photo To The Whole World

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Almost any person whose activity is connected with creativity is important not only satisfaction from a job well done, but also recognition of his merits by others. Perhaps, such recognition is the easiest for photographers to achieve, since photography, unlike a text, song or video, is understandable to the whole world, and the global network makes it possible to share the fruits of their creativity with anyone in a few seconds.


Step 1

The Internet provides photographers with many opportunities to showcase the results of their work. The easiest way to showcase a particular photo is to post it on your page in any social network. Naturally, the number of those who will see it will be approximately equal to the number of your friends and subscribers, so try to be communicative enough and do not hesitate to make new friends on social networks. In addition, there is always a chance that one of them will share the photo they like with their friends, which means that strangers will see your photo as well. The social media interface allows you to track the number of "shares" and approvals, so you can immediately understand the degree of interest in a particular photo.

Step 2

An alternative option could be your own website, where you can upload photos, grouping them according to various criteria. There are many options for creating a free website that are available even to those who have little or no knowledge of Internet technologies. Of course, in order for the site to become popular, it will take some effort to “promote” it, but as a result, you can get up to several thousand visitors per day.

Step 3

Another way to show your work is to use the services of so-called "photo stocks", that is, sites that are repositories of photographs and images. Some of them provide the opportunity to download photos for free for everyone, while others offer photographers to make a profit for their work. Please note that the number of visitors on free "photo stocks" is usually much higher, so if your goal is to declare yourself, and not to make money, then it is better to choose free resources.

Step 4

Finally, we must not forget about the various kinds of photo contests that are regularly held on the Internet. You can find out about them, for example, in the communities of amateur photographers on social networks. As a rule, such contests are held in several genres of photography at once: reportage photography, landscape, portrait, staged photography, still life. Terms of competitions and prizes for the winners may vary, but in any case, all participants, spectators and jury members will be able to see your work here. Naturally, in case of victory, the number of those who will look at your photo will increase tenfold, since many people regularly exchange links to the results of more or less well-known photography contests.

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