What Oliver Sykes Is Known For

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What Oliver Sykes Is Known For
What Oliver Sykes Is Known For

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Oliver Sykes' real name is Alex Evans. He was born on November 20, 1986 in Sheffield, UK. His father owns a large company, little is known about his mother. In 2004, the 18-year-old formed the metalcore band Bring Me the Horizon.

What is Oliver Sykes known for
What is Oliver Sykes known for

Scandalous video

Oliver Sykes with his group Bring Me the Horizon and Sam Carter, vocalist of the group Architects, filmed a controversial video during a joint tour. During one day in Karlsruhe (Germany), several scenes were recorded where Sam mocks Oliver and beats him. The video was uploaded to YouTube, where thousands of people watched it over the course of several days. Most Bring Me the Horizon fans were outraged by this treatment of the band's lead singer, leaving sympathetic comments about Sykes and outraged, and sometimes clearly aggressive, about Carter.

In an interview, Carter repeatedly assured fans and journalists that there was no fight. The beating was staged and filmed with several takes. I even had to add beat sounds. Oliver Sykes is also not offended by the guys from Architects, with whom he practically lived on the same bus for two weeks. He claims that they "conjured up" the video in an effort to make it "as incredible as possible."

It was this video that made Bring Me the Horizon and their leader Oliver Sykes famous. On the MySpace social network, Sam Carter received hundreds of threats from various people. Sykes is confident that most of the people who watched the video enjoyed being beaten.

Nottingham scandal

Bring Me the Horizon is a notorious band. The video posted on TouTube was a great advertisement, but Oliver Sykes decided not to stop there. He continued to shock the audience, and it was often impossible to understand what was true and what was rumor.

During a concert tour of the cities of Great Britain, Oliver Sykes was accused of urinating, and then of attacking one of the fans, who rejected his sexual claims. Some time later, the second charge was dropped, and according to the first, Sykes was ordered to appear at the Nottingham World Court. On April 12, 2007, the first meeting took place in which the leader of Bring Me the Horizon pleaded not guilty. On May 3, 2007, the court returned to consideration of the case, but Oliver continued to stand his ground. The trial was postponed until autumn. In September 2007, the case was closed, and all charges against Oliver Sykes were dropped due to lack of evidence.

Oliver Sykes has over 50 tattoos on his body, which he did over the course of 6 months. Only his face was left without drawings. To date, he, together with his group Bring Me the Horizon, has released 5 albums, but it is far from musical talents that make the group popular. Oliver Sykes is always in the spotlight. He deliberately gives journalists and fans reasons for gossip: either he admits that as a teenager he was engaged in prostitution, then he claims that at one point he stopped being homosexual and switched to women, then he assures that he was repeatedly on the verge of suicide.

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