What Does A Cross Tattoo Mean?

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What Does A Cross Tattoo Mean?
What Does A Cross Tattoo Mean?

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The cross is undoubtedly one of the most interesting, ancient and universal symbols to be applied to the body. He has been tattooed since ancient times. Moreover, this symbol is used in many cultures and religions. The meaning of a cross tattoo can be completely different.

The Celtic cross is one of the most popular tattoos in the world
The Celtic cross is one of the most popular tattoos in the world

The general meaning of the cross tattooed on the body

Tattoos of this nature require a special approach. The fact is that the cross is a religious symbol, and therefore endowed with a special sacred meaning. A cross in a tattoo can personify different sides of one essence: on the one hand, a pricked cross is faith in the protection of God and the harmony of one's soul, and on the other, the personification of atonement for sins and suffering.

Such tattoos are popular at all times. Most people who put them on their bodies emphasize their connection to religion and spirituality. By the way, such a tattoo is often improved by adding the image of Jesus Christ to the cross. And yet, people who plan to put such a tattoo on their bodies should remember the saying: "Bear your heavy cross." Before pricking a cross on your shoulder, arm or back, you need to weigh the pros and cons.

What does the Maltese cross tattoo mean?

An eight-pointed cross is called Maltese, which originated from the coat of arms of one of the cities of Italy - Amalfi. The fact is that in the XII century it symbolized the Order of Saint I. of Jerusalem. Over time, members of this organization began to wear a black robe with the image of a white eight-pointed cross. At that time, he personified the following knightly valor: faith and truth, justice and mercy, humility and patience, sincerity and sinlessness. Centuries later, in the 16th century, this organization settled in Malta. Hence the name of the cross.

In the modern world, a tattoo with a Maltese cross is in steady demand among young guys and men. The fact is that the tattoo called "Maltese Cross" personifies courage, honor and self-sacrifice. Ideally, this tattoo will work well for those men whose life is associated with a certain risk: rescuers, firefighters, military personnel, police officers, etc.

The meaning of the Celtic cross tattoo

The Celtic cross is perhaps one of the more popular tattoos on the list. Interest in this tattoo dates back to the 20th century, when many people began to get acquainted with Celtic art. The fact is that the patterns of this theme are so beautiful that they simply fascinate the eye. Christianity and Anglo-Saxon culture have had a particular influence on this tattoo. It was their interweaving with each other that gave impetus to a hitherto unprecedented new style. Since that time, Celtic tattoo combines both Egyptian and German notes, as well as elements of Latin art.

A modern Celtic tattoo is needed, most likely, to reflect the veneration of this art, rather than faith in God. Indeed, now the design of this tattoo in general may consist in stylized pictures on the cross, reflecting everyday life or elements of fairy tale folklore. Here you can use motives such as vegetation or animals woven into a cross (for example, a snake and a rose).

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