What Does An Asterisk Tattoo Mean?

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What Does An Asterisk Tattoo Mean?
What Does An Asterisk Tattoo Mean?

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The meaning of the same object or symbol in a tattoo can be different. It depends on the context, the way of the image and on what subtext the person himself meant when he went to the tattoo artist.

Rihanna singer tattoo
Rihanna singer tattoo


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The star symbol is very ancient and has a deep meaning in many cultures and religions. At the same time, he is not attached to any of them, and therefore is universal. The star is a symbol of the sky, space, luck and prosperity, glory and inspiration. The image of a star as a tattoo is popular among both women and men.

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A starfish with five rays of white and black colors used to be often inflicted on themselves by sailors so as not to go astray and to protect themselves from the water element. And the four-pointed star was the talisman of travelers, both at sea and on land.

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The five-pointed star (pentagram) is very popular as a tattoo. It has long been considered a symbol of the five elements, harmony of masculine and feminine principles and magical protection. And the inverted pentagram (often with the muzzle of a goat inside) is considered a symbol of the satanic church, as well as black magic.

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The six-pointed star (hexagram) symbolizes the harmony of matter and spirit, the receipt of cosmic energy. It is often also called the Star of David, Star of Goliath, Seal of Solomon. The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism and is featured on the flag of Israel. According to legend, David defeated Goliath, who wore a shield in the form of a six-pointed star, and after that became the king of Israel.

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The seven-pointed star (septagram) is one of the most ancient symbols, it is also called the magic star and the star of the elves. It is associated with the lucky number seven, which is considered sacred: there are 7 notes, 7 colors of the rainbow, seven days of the week, etc. The septagram symbolizes perfection and good luck, the protection of higher powers, spiritual growth. She also personifies the mystical nature of man.

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The eight-pointed star (octagram) implies abundance, pure primordial energy and light. This symbol is used in Slavic paganism ("Star of Svarog") and in Christianity.

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The nine-pointed star (nanogram) meant 9 worlds in Scandinavian mythology. It is also a symbol of the stability that a person achieves in his life.

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One of the modern meanings of an asterisk, if it is depicted on the wrist, is non-traditional sexual orientation. Although this is not necessarily the case.

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Among girls, tattoos in the form of a shooting star or star rain are popular, which look graceful, add mystery and mystery. In such images, design and beauty are main, but they also symbolize good luck and success. A shooting star can mean for a person and some important event in life or a change for him.

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Among the bearers of stars, there are also crime bosses. They can have such an image, for example, under the collarbone.

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