How To Fill Out Route Sheets

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How To Fill Out Route Sheets
How To Fill Out Route Sheets

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Itinerary sheets allow the organization to confirm compensation costs paid to employees for using a personal car for the needs of the company or for paying for travel documents. There is no unified form for this document. Each company develops its own form, convenient for use.

How to fill out route sheets
How to fill out route sheets

It is necessary

the form of the route sheet approved by the organization


Step 1

When developing the form of the route sheet, take into account the fact that it must contain all the details of the primary document. Those. name, date of compilation, name of the organization, content of the operation, indication of the positions of persons responsible for the conduct of the business transaction and their signatures.

Step 2

Approve the frequency, the procedure for filling out and the form of the route sheet as part of the accounting policy of the organization. The seal or stamp of the organization is optional for this document. For an approximate form, you can take a waybill in form No. 3, approved by the decree of the State Statistics Committee of the Russian Federation of November 28, 97 No. 78.

Step 3

Fill in the date, document number, full name in the approved form. the employee to whom it was issued, the name of the organization. Data on the places of travel of the employee can be drawn up in the form of a table: the date of the trip, the purpose, the place of departure and destination, the type of transport on which the trip was made, and the availability of supporting documents (tickets, checks for payment of fuel and lubricants). The itinerary list must be signed by the chief accountant and the head of the organization.

Step 4

The basis for reimbursing the employee's expenses related to his traveling work is an advance report on the money spent, with the attachment of all supporting documents and a completed route sheet. The employee must report on the expenditure of funds to the accounting department of the enterprise within 3 days after the end of the trip.

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